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Turkey Cooking Times For The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal



Turkey Cooking Times

Turkey Cooking Times Instructions

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving is not allowing enough time for it to thaw. It can take up to a week of preparation for some cases, depending on the size of the bird. Use the chart below to determine how long you should thaw your turkey!
Turkey Cooking Times

Note: It’s safe to cook a completely frozen turkey, but it will take at least 50% longer than a
fully thawed bird. 

With turkey, plan on 11/2 pounds of turkey per person. When roasting it, use an instant-read thermometer to check your turkey’s temp at the deepest part of the thigh. It should register at 165 F.

How Long to Roast a Turkey:

Note: These times are all based on roasting a turkey at 325 F.
Unstuffed Turkey Cooking Times
Stuffed Turkey Cooking Times

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