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How Does Inflation Affect Insurance Rates?

Insurance Inflation

How does inflation affect insurance rates? Inflation impacts everyone, at every level of the economic landscape. It influences the costs of food, products, resources, and services across the board. Everything costs a little more, numerically because the value of each dollar is diluted over time. However, until incomes catch up with rising costs, we all […]

Understanding Loss Assessment Coverage for Condo and Homeowners

Loss Assessment for Condos

When living in a condominium, the unique structure of ownership and shared responsibilities between unit owners and the homeowner’s association (HOA) necessitates a specialized form of insurance known as condo insurance. Among the various protections it offers, one critical feature is loss assessment coverage, which can significantly impact your financial well-being following unforeseen events affecting […]

Understanding Non-Renewal of Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

LoPriore Insurance - Homeowners Non Renewal Blog Post - Featured Image

Receiving a notice that your home insurance policy will not be renewed can be unsettling. Understanding what an insurance non-renewal is, how it differs from cancellation, and the steps to obtain new insurance is crucial in navigating this situation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore common reasons for non-renewal, options available to homeowners, and address […]

Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on Vacation

How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on Vacation - Featured Image

Heading off on a much-needed vacation? That’s fantastic! But in the midst of the excitement, it’s crucial not to forget about the safety of your home. After all, an empty house can be an inviting target for opportunistic burglars. But worry not! With a few smart moves and a bit of tech-savvy, you can keep […]

Pothole Pitfalls: Steering Clear of Road Damage & Driving Disasters!


Potholes are more than just a bump on the road—they’re a serious hazard that can lead to tire damage, vehicle wear, and even accidents. This post dives deep into the world of potholes, offering insight and advice on how to minimize their impact on your car and your safety. From understanding their causes to navigating […]

Discover the Best Insurance for Plumbers: A Comprehensive Guide

Plumber or maintenance worker crouched down inspecting or repairing a kitchen sink

Plumbing Insurance to Protect Your Small Business As a seasoned plumber, you’re already well-versed in the importance of safeguarding your livelihood. This means having a solid plumbing insurance policy in your toolkit. But what exactly does plumbing insurance entail, and how does it shield your business? Allow me to shed some light on this. Plumbing […]

Commercial Umbrella Policies for Condo Master Insurance – Guide For Board Members, Trustees, Unit Owners, and Property Managers

Commercial Umbrella for Condo Associations and HOA's - Featured Image

When managing a condominium association or homeowners association (HOA), it’s crucial to ensure that your insurance coverage is comprehensive and robust. One often overlooked aspect is the Commercial Umbrella Policy. This section will delve into what a Commercial Umbrella Policy is, its pros and cons, and why it’s an essential consideration for your condo or […]

Winter Storm Tips for Massachusetts – Bracing for the Winter Storm

Winter Storm Tips - Boston MA

Are you gearing up for your first winter storm in the Bay State? Well, buckle up because it’s going to be a chilly adventure. Whether you’re facing a flurry of snowflakes or a full-blown blizzard, it’s essential to be prepared. So, let’s dive into some top tips to keep you, your home, and your car […]

Top New Years Resolutions for 2024

2024 New Years Resolutions

More than 74 percent of all Americans who set New Years Resolutions feel they will accomplish their goals next year. It’s natural to feel there is no better time to start fresh and develop positive habits with the new year. But sometimes, the hard part is narrowing down these goals. With so many options, how does one […]

Top Holiday Traditions to Celebrate with Friends and Family

Holiday Traditions

The holiday spirit is kicking in. The bells start to jingle; malls begin to put up Christmas trees while Santa and his minions gear up for the festivities. The holiday season is an excellent time to spend with friends and family, celebrating holiday traditions. It is everyone’s favorite holiday. Known as the season of giving, […]

Keep Your Furry Friend Safe in Cold Weather

Winter Pet Safety

Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Massachusetts Winter As the crisp autumn air gives way to the biting cold of winter in Massachusetts, a wonderland of snow and ice blankets the landscape. While we humans enjoy cozy nights by the fireplace and snowball fights in the glistening white, our pets and furry companions face unique […]

Top 10 Safety Tips for the Holidays

Top 10 Safety Tips for the Holidays

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season. Still, the most wonderful time of the year is often the busiest. Thus, those responsibilities make you feel rushed, which can lead to dangerous mistakes. If you love spreading joy with sparkling lights and beautiful decorations or traveling to […]

The Ultimate Christmas Tree Safety Guide: Real vs. Artificial Trees

Christmas Safety

Purchasing and decorating the perfect Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of celebrating the holidays. Many households put up a tree at Thanksgiving or immediately after to enjoy its beauty throughout the entire holiday season. Christmas trees are a cherished part of the holidays, but if they’re poorly cared for or exposed […]

How Much Income Do I Need To Buy A House

Decoding the Financial Journey to Homeownership

Decoding the Financial Journey to Homeownership in Massachusetts The journey to homeownership is both an exciting and intricate process, particularly when it comes to understanding the financial landscape. In Massachusetts, where the real estate market can vary significantly from the cobblestone streets of Boston to the serene landscapes of the Berkshires, grasping the financial requirements […]

Shopping Guide To Getting the Most Out of Black Friday 2023

Black Friday Shopping Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to making the most of Black Friday 2023! This year promises to be an exciting one, with a range of hot items and incredible deals lined up. Whether you’re a seasoned Black Friday shopper or new to the game, our guide is here to help you navigate the biggest shopping […]

Turkey Cooking Times and Prep For The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

Turkey Cooking Times

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, gratitude, and, of course, a sumptuous meal. The turkey is at the heart of this festive feast, a symbol of abundance and celebration. Cooking the perfect turkey is an art that combines tradition with personal touches, ensuring a memorable meal for you and your loved ones. In this guide, […]

Snowbird Lifestyle for Beginners Complete Guide

Boston Winter Snow

Every year, more and more people move down south to escape the cold, and who could blame them? Believe it or not, nearly a million snowbirds head to the Sunshine State every winter, and you could be one of them! If you’re planning on long-term travel this winter, there’s a lot that you need to prepare for. […]

Top Thanksgiving Traditions to Celebrate With Friends and Family

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the precious gifts in your life, whether it’s friends and family, food, clothing, shelter, or being alive. But what makes this holiday so unique isn’t the name or people but rather the activities that mark the day. That’s right, people show their gratitude in several ways, all of which […]

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Home Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance policy

A home insurance policy is designed to cover the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your possessions in the event of a catastrophic loss. Whether you’re buying a new home, renewing your home insurance policy, or simply purchasing this important coverage for the first time, it’s essential to make careful decisions regarding your policy. […]

How to Buyout Your Car Lease: A Guide for Massachusetts Residents

Lease Buyout - Car Lease

The decision to buyout your car lease often comes with many benefits. As the end of your lease approaches, you might find yourself attached to the vehicle and may be considering a buyout option. For Massachusetts residents and those insured in the Bay State, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying out your car lease. What […]

Halloween Safety Guide for Trick or Treating

Halloween Safety Guide

It’s Halloween time! Halloween is meant to be a fun day for kids and adults. It’s a time when everyone gets to dress up as their favorite character, a clown or a cute animal. There is a lot to do on Halloween. Schools allow kids to pass out candy, employers allow employees to wear costumes, […]

Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers

Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers

Welcome to our Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers in Massachusetts! Buying a new car is exciting, but it’s crucial to know about insurance, too. We’re here to help you understand the basics, local rules, and how to pick the best coverage. Let’s get started! New Car Buyer Auto Insurance In 2023, the average […]

How Long Can You Stay on Your Parents Car Insurance?

How Long Can You Stay on Your Parents Car Insurance

With national car insurance averaging out at over $1,300 per year, it’s no wonder most young people would rather stay on their parents car insurance policy. Auto insurance is tricky to navigate for young drivers. Filled with jargon and technicalities, it’s sure to make your head spin. But don’t worry if you’re inundated with questions about […]

Get Winter-Ready Now: Your Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Guide

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Winters in Massachusetts can get colder than Massachusetts people realize with their iced coffees in hand. The average low in January goes down to 22 degrees, and as we know, it gets a lot colder than that. Well, fall is your last chance to start preparing your home for the harsh elements, and time is of the […]

A Step By Step Guide to Choosing Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance MA

There are over 45 million rental properties available in the United States — many of which are businesses and homes. In fact, in Massachusetts alone, there are over 600,000 businesses that provide critical services to the public. And behind every business and every rental home is a landlord. For landlords, rental property is a massive […]

Tree Falls on House: Your Guide to Insurance Coverage and Next Steps

Tree Falls on a House

Having trees growing on your property has many benefits, including providing shade, increasing your property value, improving air quality, and even improving your mental and physical health. That being said, there are also risks to having trees on your property, particularly if they are near any structures. What should you do if a tree falls on […]

Boston Top Slang Words

Boston's Top Slang Words

The Boston accent has drawn attention from befuddled tourists, enamored fans, and the media. But what about slang words in Boston? Every region produced its own unique slang, and Boston is no different. If you’re moving or visiting, you should get a head start on understanding Boston Top Slang Words. While nothing but careful listening […]

Top Reasons To Compare Insurance Rates 2023?

Compare Insurance Rates

Top Reasons Why You Should Compare Insurance Rates Life Changes, and So Should Your Insurance! Let’s talk about that insurance policy you’ve had since…well, you can’t quite remember. Life zips by, and before we know it, our once shiny new insurance deal starts to feel like that old sweater in the back of our closet. […]

Insurance Binder Basic Guide

homeowners insurance binder

During the process of buying a new home, you’ve likely been introduced to a variety of new confusing terms and documents. When it’s time to apply for a mortgage loan, you’ll probably need to have a homeowners’ insurance binder. If you’ve never heard of this document, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know […]

Test Driving a Car Basic Guide

Top Tips for Test Driving a Car

Test Driving Your Car Buying a car is an exciting endeavor that can bring many rewards. Whether you’re purchasing a new or used vehicle, you’ll get the chance to choose a sleek new ride that’s just your style. As a major purchase for a product you’ll probably use for years to come, a car purchase […]

Insurance Bond 101: Your Ultimate Guide

Insurance Bond

Understanding an insurance bond doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. Read on to learn more about bond insurance and get all your questions answered about whether it’s the coverage your business needs. What Is an Insurance Bond? While often referred to as an insurance bond, the real story is that bond insurance […]

Auto Insurance Claim – How Long Do They Take to Settle?

Auto Insurance Claim - How Long Do They Take to Settle

How Long to Settle My Auto Insurance Claim in Massachusetts? While there are no specific time limits in the settlement of auto insurance claims in Massachusetts, most insurance companies try to take care of them as soon as possible. Many auto insurance claims are paid within 30 days. However, some accidents require a more in-depth […]

Car Inspection Sticker Laws In Massachusetts

Car Inspection Sticker Laws In Massachusetts - Blog Featured Image

In Massachusetts, car inspection stickers are crucial in ensuring that vehicles are safe to drive on the road. These stickers are issued following a thorough inspection of your car by a licensed mechanic, who checks for things like brakes, tires, lights, and emissions. But did you know that the State of Massachusetts introduced a new policy on […]

Pet Insurance in Massachusetts – Is It Worth It?

Is Pet Insurance Worth Buying? 2021 Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance

In the United States, roughly 67 percent of households own pets—yet, only one percent of those pets are insured by pet insurance. There are many common misconceptions about the pros and cons of pet insurance policies. You never want to think about your dogs and cats growing ill or injured. But yet, these things sneak up when […]

Guide to Workers Compensation Insurance

A man who would have benefited from workers compensation insurance filling out a workers comp application

Understanding the world of insurance, especially Workers Compensation Insurance can be a daunting task due to its comprehensive and detailed nature. This essential safety net, when dissected, presents a realm of legalities as complex as specialized fields like tax law or constitutional interpretation. Nevertheless, a clear understanding of this insurance type can be the difference […]

Car Cleaning Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Umbrella Insurance - Personal Underlying Insurance

Did you know that 93 percent of American households had access to at least one automobile in 2019? As this statistic attests, owning a car remains a source of accomplishment and pride for US citizens. Purchasing and insuring a first vehicle mark significant rites of passage, and more than 77 percent of survey respondents see automobiles as absolutely essential. Despite increasing access to rideshare options. […]

Massachusetts Low Plate Lottery 2023

2023 MA Plate Lottery

Annual Massachusetts Plate Lottery 2023 Has Begun! The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) recently announced that applications for the 2023 Low Number Plate Lottery are now being accepted using the myRMV Online Service Center. 2023 Low Plate Lottery Rules and Eligibility Applying for a low number plate: Applying for a Low Number Plate From […]

Why Homeowners Insurance is harder and more expensive to purchase?

Rising Home Insurance Costs

There are a few reasons why it’s becoming harder to get homeowners insurance. One of the biggest factors is climate change. With more frequent and severe weather events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, insurance companies are taking on more risk. As a result, they’re becoming more selective about who they insure and how much […]

Why You Should Switch Insurance Agents

A Complete Guide on When and Why You Should Switch Insurance Agents

Think it may be time for a new insurance agent? Maybe you’re not sure, and you’re browsing around looking for ideas and suggestions, or you’ve decided to switch insurance agents, but you’re not sure how. Regardless of your reasoning, it’s a good idea to vet your potential insurance agents before you make your decision. Not […]

The Ultimate Boat Buyers Guide 2023

Boat Buyers Guide

Is one of the items on your lifelong bucket list to own your boat? Do you dream of being out on the open water, cruising and watching sunsets in your own boat? Learn more with our article on How to Buy a Boat The Ultimate Boat Buyers Guide 2023 It seems a pretty popular dream […]

Outdoor Living Trends for 2023

Outdoor Living 2023

Outdoor living is more than a passing trend. It’s a way to utilize unused areas of your property and increase your living space. Staying at home for the bulk of the past year has inspired homeowners to get creative about the way they enjoy their living space, and home improvements aren’t limited to the indoors. […]

Road Trip Planning Guide– 2024 Edition

Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Planning – 2023 Edition

How To Gear Up For Your Road Trip 2024 Embarking on a road trip is a fantastic way to explore new places, enjoy the open road, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re planning a cross-country adventure or a weekend getaway, preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. This guide will help you […]

Guide to Keeping Your Car Clean during High Pollen Counts

Pollen on Car

Guide to Keeping Your Car Clean During High Pollen Counts As spring and summer approach, so do higher pollen counts, which can wreak havoc not only on our health but also on our vehicles. For car owners, the yellow dust that covers everything outside can become a persistent annoyance. However, with the right care, you […]

What Is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance

A title is one of the most important documents you’ll receive during your home purchase. However, if it’s not a clear title, you could end up in financial distress. The title to your property is proof that you (and any co-owners) are the only ones with a legal claim to ownership. A title search occurs […]

Security Deposit Guide

Rental Agreement vs Lease Agreement

If you’re planning to rent a home or apartment, there are some significant costs that you have to be prepared to pay upfront. Some of the most common charges include an application fee, first and last month’s rent, pet fees, renter’s insurance, and a security deposit. With such a big list of fees, it’s easy […]

Ultimate Guide to Massachusetts Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance 101

Father Teaching Son Too Drive

Most teens are excited to get behind the wheel. However, for parents, this milestone can be a whirlwind of responsibilities and worries. Whether your teen is just beginning to drive with a learner’s permit or prepared to drive on their own, there’s a lot for both parents and teenagers to learn. Talking to your independent […]

Guide to Condo Master Insurance

Modern apartment buildings

Understanding the details of a condo master insurance policy is important for both building and unit owners. Since many areas within a condominium complex are shared, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to insure common places. Condo master insurance, also known as condo association insurance have policies that vary in coverage. Each coverage level includes protection […]

Scooters, Mopeds, and E-Bikes: Do You Need Cycle Insurance Coverage?

Scooters, Mopeds, and E-Bikes: Do You Need Cycle Insurance Coverage?

Over the past four years, electric scooter injuries have reached nearly 40,000. These injuries include broken bones, cuts and bruises, and head injuries. These staggering numbers often leave many Americans wondering—what are the insurance requirements for these vehicles? Generally speaking, mopeds, scooters, and electric bicycles are small, lightweight vehicles. They are usually powered by pedaling and/or a […]

Apartment Lease vs Tenant at Will: Basic Guide

Apartment Lease vs Tenant at Will

If you rent your home or place of business, you have certain rights and responsibilities outlined in your rental agreement. However, leasehold agreements vary; some apply very formal terms and conditions, while others may not even include a written lease. Before agreeing to any rental agreement, it’s important to learn everything you can about it […]

The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home

Best Time of Year To Sell A Home

Want to sell your home? The timing can significantly influence not just how quickly your house sells but also the selling price. Understanding when to list your home, guided by insights from the National Association of Realtors and market trends, can help you make a well-informed decision. There are so many variables that come into […]

Builders Risk Insurance a Basic Guide

Builder's Risk Insurance

Want to learn more about builders risk insurance and why you need it? Read this guide for more information. Builder’s risk insurance is designed to protect your project at home. This kind of insurance is different from property insurance as it covers the construction process. In this way, you can have peace of mind while […]

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Broker

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Broker

If you’re preparing to buy or sell a home, you’ve likely done some research about the process. Searching online is a great way to prepare for the journey ahead. This helps you compare home prices in your area and learn the steps of the home buying or selling process. With everything you’ve learned, you may […]

How to Maximize Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

Did you know that the average yard size is between 15,000 and 25,000 square feet in the US? Looking for the perfect outdoor living space but you’re working with something smaller, creating a beautiful and functional oasis that serves as a perfect retreat for relaxation and entertainment is still possible. This article will explore eight clever […]

Top Places to Visit in Boston

Top Places to Visit in Boston - Fenway Park

You’re finally making your Boston — or Beantown — vacation dream a reality. But there’s more than just baked beans in Beantown. Research shows that more than 26 million visitors from the United States visited Massachusetts, including Boston, in 2020. Visitors from around the world also love flocking to Boston. There, you can visit Boston Red Sox […]

What Is Gap Insurance?

Gap Insurance for Cars

You may have heard that a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. Technically, the value of every purchase decreases over time. However, it’s particularly concerning in vehicles because they are such a big ticket purchase and often take years to pay off. As such, it’s not uncommon for car […]

Red Flags That Could Trigger a Tax Audit

Red Flags That Could Trigger a Tax Audit

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) carries a strict reputation as the nation’s accumulator of taxpayer dollars and the chief enforcer of the United States’ tax code. In 2018, The IRS performed approximately 892,197 audits. Due to the IRS’s frightening reputation, an audit is treated with an immense sense of urgency and stress by both taxpayers and […]

Top Missed Tax Deductions: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Top Missed Tax Deductions

Tax time is always stressful for hardworking Americans. Every year, countless individuals and businesses miss out on valuable tax deductions, essentially leaving money on the table. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or managing your household’s finances, this guide will help you uncover some of the most commonly missed opportunities to reduce your […]

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Maintenance 2023

Your Essential Spring Home Maintenance Guide for a Safe and Efficient Home As the remnants of winter melt away in Massachusetts, where winters have subtly warmed by at least 3.9 degrees, we welcome the vibrant but unpredictable spring. With these climate shifts, spring now brings more substantial precipitation, making comprehensive home maintenance more crucial than […]

Why You Need A Will

What Is a Will and Why Do I Need One

Are you one of the 62% of Americans who hasn’t created a will for themselves and their heirs? When asked, Why you need a will, many people simply don’t think a will is necessary for them. They feel like they aren’t rich enough or have important enough belongings to need a will. What’s your reason for […]

What to Do if Your Uber, Lyft or Ride Share Gets in a Car Accident

What to Do if Your Uber, Lyft or Ride Share Gets in a Car Accident

Did you know that 2.3 million people per year are injured in car crashes? Car accidents are all too common, and with the rise in ride share services, ride share accidents are now becoming a problem when traveling in an uber, lyft, or rideshare. You may know what to do in the event of a normal […]

Understanding and Preventing Ice Dams

Ice dams and snow on roof and gutters of a residential property.

Winter scenes with sparkling white snow and glistening icicles are beautiful to behold. However, the effects of winter weather can cause significant damage to your home. When melting snow and ice can’t drain properly from your roof, you can end up with ice dams that can cause damage to your gutters, ceiling, roof, and more. […]

The Basics of Homeowners Insurance

A concept of homeowners insurance - Man covering a miniature house model with his hands.

Your home is a shelter for your family and your biggest asset. You take many steps to ensure your home stays in top shape and maintains its value. Maintaining your home with routine repairs, making occasional upgrades, and keeping your home well-maintained are just a few of the ways you take care of your home. […]

Top Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Saving planning for Travel budget

You’re one day closer to temporarily saying goodbye to your 9-to-5 and saying hello to sandy beaches and pina coladas, and you couldn’t be happier. You’re in good company, too. Research shows that 73% of people in the United States planned to travel during the summer of 2022, and the same can be expected in 2023 as […]

Car Shopping Top 35 Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Top 20 New Car Buying Mistakes

When it comes to purchasing a car, the process can be both exciting and daunting. As an insurance agency committed to helping our clients make informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of the top 35 car shopping mistakes to avoid. Steering clear of these pitfalls can save you time, money, nd stress, ensuring a smoother […]

Is Hazard Insurance and Homeowners Insurance the Same?

Is Hazard Insurance and Homeowners Insurance the Same?

Securing adequate insurance coverage is an important part of being approved for a mortgage loan on a house. Mortgage lenders require home buyers to get insurance to protect their investments when they lend you money to purchase your home. In other words, if something happens to the home before you pay off the mortgage, insurance […]

Why Has My Auto Insurance Gone Up

Miniature car model surrounded by dollar bills and coins - paying for auto insurance.

Most states require all drivers to carry some form of auto insurance. As a result, drivers are aware of the issues that can make insurance premiums more costly. For example, an accident or filing frequent claims can lead to higher insurance rates. However, auto insurance rates have been rising among all drivers. In fact, car insurance […]

Pros and Cons of Owning and Managing a Rental Property

Pros and Cons of Owning and Managing a Rental Property

If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, you’ve likely thought about the value of purchasing a rental property. While this can be a way to earn income each month, it’s not the right choice for every investor. As the owner of a rental property, you’ll have certain responsibilities. There’s also the potential for things […]

Top Ways to Avoid a Ticket & Maintain Your Low Insurance Premiums

Top Ways to Avoid a Ticket & Maintain Your Low Insurance Premiums

Traffic tickets are a fast way to get slammed with high fines and increased auto insurance premiums for months or years in the future. Still, no one’s perfect, and we’re all bound to make a mistake behind the wheel eventually. Traffic tickets are a part of life. Or are they? Technically, there are several ways to avoid […]

Why Did My Home Insurance Rate Increase?

Home insurance form on a table with dollar bills and a calculator - a concept of home insurance rate.

Maintaining adequate home insurance is an important part of home ownership. This means assessing any changes and discussing them with your insurance agent before your annual renewal. If you haven’t made changes to your home or filed claims in the past year, renewal is often uneventful and results in minimal increases. However, in the past year, home insurance […]

Upside Down Car Loan Guide

Man calculating his car loan balance - car keys and coins on a table - upside-down car loan concept.

Most people have heard about how quickly new cars depreciate, but many don’t know the potential consequences of an upside down car loan. When you’re upside down on your car loan, it means you owe more on the car than it’s worth. It’s also known as negative equity or being underwater, and it happens more […]

Chimney Cleaning Guide

Man using a brush to clean a home's chimney - tips to cleaning a chimney.

A fireplace or wood stove is a nice way to keep your home cozy in the winter and save on heating oil or electric costs. However, if you’re using wood heat and can’t remember when you last cleaned your chimney, it’s likely overdue. Chimney Cleaning is necessary to remove soot, blockages, and creosote buildup. Failure […]

Certificate of Insurance – Basic Guide

Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a way for your business to provide quick access to the terms of your insurance policy. Providing your clients with Certificate of Insurance builds confidence in your business because it tells your customers you’re insured. While a COI doesn’t offer a guarantee for every claim, it shows that your […]

Winterizing a Car Tips

Woman removing snow and ice buildup from her car - winterizing a car.

When winter arrives, most people prepare their homes and change their wardrobes. Yet, how to winterizing a car is one winter chore that is often overlooked. Cold air, winter precipitation, and rapidly changing driving conditions can have a major effect on your vehicle. As such, it’s important to take steps to prepare your vehicle for […]

Winter Driving Tips and Survival Car Kit Essentials

Winter Driving Tips

Depending on where you live, driving in the winter can be completely different than driving in the summer, spring, and fall. The winter months bring snow and ice, as well as frigid temperatures. Winter weather can increase your risk of getting into accidents with other vehicles and sliding off the road. Not only are the […]

Auto Insurance Quote Basics

9 Tips on How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Did you know the average Massachusetts driver will pay almost $1,100 a year in car insurance premiums? If you’re on the hunt for car insurance, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay this price. You can request a car insurance quote to know how much you’ll pay. What are quotes for car insurance? You’ll have an […]

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up

Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up

Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up for Complete Coverage Your driving requirements change from one year to the next, and your insurance coverage needs to keep up. You know it’s important to make regular appointments to have your car serviced so it will stay in great shape. Most people don’t think twice about having a yearly physical […]

Ultimate Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

As the winter months approach, it’s important that we understand the dangers of it. Whether we love or hate the pretty snow, 62% of homeowners who suffered winter weather damage last year are still dealing with the consequences. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent a lot of that damage. If you’re looking to prep […]

Home Generators Buying Guide

Home Generator

Your electricity has jumped off. You fear you may lose your food in the power outage. And you regret never purchasing a powerful generator. Research shows that house generator sales skyrocketed in 2021 amid weather-related concerns. But how does a top-rated portable or permanently installed generator work, and what fuel type should you select: natural gas (NG) […]

What to Do With License Plates After You Sell Your Car

What to Do With License Plates After You Sell Your Car

Selling your car is an exciting time. Whether you’re simply making space in the driveway or you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, finding the right buyer fills you with a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. However, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure you’re no longer responsible for the […]

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

When you’re traveling at 65 mph down the highway, it doesn’t take a boulder to crack your windshield. Highway debris kicked up by the tires in front of you or a piece of gravel from a dump truck can collide with your window at high speed and cause a chip or significant crack. Windshield damage […]

Manage Your Personal Finances During a Recession

Managing Your Personal Finances During a Recession

As prices for gas, groceries and other necessities consistently rise, talk of a looming recession has been making headlines. While no one can effectively declare whether a recession will occur, it pays to be financially ready for potential economic changes on the horizon. 83% of employed adults are worried about a recession. Taking immediate action […]

TOP 25 Bad Money Habits That You Should Break Right Now

Bad Money Habits

The average American’s savings account balance is only $4,500. Of course, many people have much more than this. Many have no money saved up. Saving money can be challenging for anyone, but it’s even more complicated if you have bad money habits. Many things that might seem insignificant are standing in the way of your financial […]

Paying Off Debt Guide

a couple trying to pay off debt

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, you’re not alone. Americans carry an average debt balance of $92,727. These debts come from a variety of sources like student loan debt, credit card debt, mortgage loans, and car loans. While many of these loans represent necessities, they add up quickly, making it difficult to keep up […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Remote Workers

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Remote Workers

Currently, Remote workers make up a significant percentage of today’s workforce. If you are currently working from home for a Company and had to adapt to a work from home model and essentially, your home is now your formal workplace. It should be noted that when you are in an office, your company’s insurance offers […]

Home Insurance Annual Check-Up

Home Insurance Annual Check-Up

Massachusetts Home Insurance Annual Check-Up Insurance coverage should never be considered a “set it and forget it” purchase. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies designed to fit the unique lifestyles of the customers who need them. Your home, family, possessions, and lifestyle are constantly changing. To ensure you have sufficient coverage, your home insurance […]

A Complete Guide to Condo Unit Owners Insurance

Condo Homeowners Insurance

Today, living in condominium buildings has become a common lifestyle choice for many due to its convenience and unique living arrangements. You may have noticed an influx of condos in the market lately as these are popular among first-time buyers who prefer to have fewer responsibilities. If you enjoy having shared ownership of the building […]

3 Things You Should Know About a Condo Conversion

Condo Conversions and Insurance Guide

If you are thinking about changing your residential property into a condominium this guide can help you get a better understanding of what condo conversions are, why you might choose to complete one, and potential pitfalls to avoid. A condominium conversion changes one type of residential property into another. Real estate investors may choose to […]

Kitchen Remodel: Replacing or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Remodel: Replacing or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel is among one of the most popular home renovations. Whether you’re interested in improving your home’s value, planning to sell, or simply looking for a change, your kitchen makeover can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and function. Cabinets play an important role in kitchen storage and the appearance of […]

Homeowners Insurance Guide

Homeowners Insurance Guide For Beginners

Welcome to the comprehensive homeowners insurance guide, a vital shield for your home, possessions, and personal liability. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, I’ve seen firsthand the critical role homeowners insurance plays in safeguarding one’s most significant investment. This guide is designed to walk you through the essentials of homeowners insurance, […]

How Driver’s License Points Affect My Car Insurance

How Driver's License Points Affect My Car Insurance

Getting your driver’s license in the USA can be an exciting time. This makes it easier to get around than ever before and offers you the freedom to travel as you please. In fact, each year in the USA, drivers take more than 108 billion weekend and holiday trips. However, having your own license also […]

7 Advantages of Using Independent Insurance Agents for Your Personal Insurance

insurance agent

Big-name insurance companies are widely known because of their ability to saturate the media with commercials about the policies they provide. These insurance companies can be a reliable choice because they’ve been in the industry for a long period of time. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for your personal insurance needs. Independent […]

Back to School Supply List for Students of All Ages

A sign indicating a back-to-school supply list

It’s that back to school time of year again. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to make your back to school supply list. Although back-to-school shopping may be a dreaded task, both parents and students are looking forward to regaining the benefits of in-person learning this year. In the interest of simplifying your shopping […]

Should I Buy an Electric Car or Hybrid Car?

Electric Car

Electric vehicles (EVs) only currently make up about 7% of cars owned in the US. However, this shows signs of growing exponentially in the near future. A recent survey by Pew Research Center showed that 39% of American adults are considering buying an electric vehicle for their next car. Many US consumers have concerns about whether an […]

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Home Foundation Problems?


Home foundation problems can cause many structural issues throughout your home. If you’ve spotted signs of home foundation issues, you’re likely worried about how to tackle repairs and manage the cost. Depending on your unique situation, home foundation problems can be both dangerous and expensive. Understanding the immediate risks and cause of your issue can […]

Home Insurance Shopping Top 10 Reasons


One of the first questions people ask about home insurance is, “Do I have to have it?”. In many cases, the answer is no, but a better question would be, “Do I need homeowner’s insurance?”. There are many reasons why you need homeowner’s insurance. You should routinely review your insurance policy to ensure you have […]

How to Get Auto Insurance and Register Your Vehicle in Massachusetts

Whether you purchase a new vehicle, move to Massachusetts from another state, or even inherit a car, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly registered and has auto insurance. Unlike some states, Massachusetts doesn’t provide a grace period for vehicle registration upon moving. You must register your vehicle as soon as you become a resident. […]

Sky High Gas Prices: Learn the Differences for Your Car

Sky High Gasoline Prices: Learn the Differences for Your Car

The summer travel season is here, and potential road trippers are experiencing conflicting feelings: the urge to travel and pain at the pump. Gas prices are making records this summer, and whether you’re trying to afford your daily work commute or planning a vacation, you’re likely seeking ways to save. Now, more than ever, drivers […]

How Is Homeowners Insurance Calculated?


Homeowners insurance reimburses you for damage to your home and possessions. It also provides liability coverage to protect you if guests are injured on your property. If you’re making payments on your home, your lender will likely require you to maintain an active home insurance policy. Even if you own your home outright, home insurance […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an exciting time filled with possibilities. Whether you’re moving to a larger home or to a new location, you’re facing the future, hoping to have a little extra cash in the bank from a successful home sale. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that selling a home can be time-consuming, complicated, […]

Home Improvements The Best and Worst 2022

2021 Best and Worst Home Improvements

The home-selling market is expected to pick up as 2022 goes on. Certain kinds of homes are in high demand, while others are being left behind. How can you be sure that your home will sell at the right time? The truth is, there are a few guaranteed home improvements to add value to your […]

How to Plan for a Road Trip 2022

Auto Insurance - A woman smiling near the ocean on her road trip.

Life is a journey, not a destination. A road trip embraces this idea for the opportunity to embark on an adventure that could literally take you anywhere. Admittedly, your budget and timeframe will likely limit your ability actually to travel anywhere. That’s why you need a plan. Although a road trip takes away the stress […]

Dwelling Fire Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Dwelling Fire Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance: What's the Difference?

Comparing homeowners insurance to dwelling fire insurance may initially seem like comparing apples to apples. After all, your home is a dwelling. However, the policies are actually designed to cover two different buildings under separate circumstances. You may own homes that aren’t applicable for homeowner’s insurance, and others may require additional insurance to cover certain […]

Guide to Starting a Small Business

Starting a Small Business A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

If you’ve decided 2022 is the time to start up your small business, you aren’t alone. There’s a wealth of individuals out there with the same goal. The small business sector has been growing for years now. While it has slowed a bit recently, thanks to a global recession, entrepreneurs’ outlook remains positive. In just […]

Landlord Insurance Vs Homeowners Insurance

Landlord Insurance Vs Homeowners Insurance

67.4% of Americans own a home. Not only that, but a good chunk of homeowners rent their home out to tenants. If you’re thinking about renting out your home, you may be wondering about the best insurance policy. Do you need landlord insurance for a rental property? Or will a homeowners insurance policy be enough? Both insurance […]

Guide to Insuring Your Business

Insure My Business

Everything You Need To Know About Insuring Your Business Learn more about insuring your business with this article, setting up a business is no easy feat. You have to come up with an innovative product or service for consumers and go through many steps and paperwork to establish your business. After your business is officially […]

Remodeling Your Home vs Buying a New Home

Remodeling Your Home vs Buying a New Home

Does the current housing market climate have you rethinking buying a new house? The latest housing trends show that real estate is still a hot commodity. Homebuyers are paying for homes as investors create high demand for properties. The shortage of homes has left homeowners debating the best option between remodeling your home vs. buying a […]

Car Dealership Add-ons: Are They Worth It?

Car Dealership Add-ons: Are They Worth It? (Part 1)

A new car is likely one of the most valuable items you’ll purchase in your lifetime. Purchasing a brand-new car is exhilarating, but it’s also expensive. When you’re at the dealership, excitement and the sheer volume of information you have to digest can make some details confusing. Even when you’ve done your research and managed […]

Are Oil Tanks Covered by Home Insurance?

Oil Tank

About a quarter of Massachusetts homeowners heat their homes with oil. The tanks that supply oil to heaters, furnaces, and heat pumps are built to last decades and can hold anywhere from 250 to 1,000 gallons of oil. These tanks may be located outside your home, in your basement, or underground. Unfortunately, oil tanks don’t last forever. […]

Personal Cyber Insurance – Why You Need It!

Personal Cyber Insurance

Cybercriminals have several different entry points in your home that they can use to destroy your finances and personal life. They can enter through your computer, WiFi router, smart home devices, and more. So how do you prevent a cybercriminal from ultimately wreaking havoc on your life? You get a home cyber protection insurance policy. […]

Extended Car Warranty Guide – Everything You Should Know Before Buying One

Extended Car Warranty

There’s one universal truth that every car owner can agree on whether you drive your grandpa’s hand-me-down junker or the hottest car fresh off the lot. Car troubles are the worst. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter the car you drive, you’re not immune to car problems and the inevitable car repairs. It’s likely the reason there’s […]

Cable TV Cutting the Cord Guide

cable TV cutting cord

The average household pays $116 on average per month for both cable and internet. Many of these packages come with cable channels that nobody in these houses even watches. You might be thinking of canceling your cable for this reason. But where do you start with cable TV cutting? How much money could you save per month? […]

How to Appeal an Insurance Surcharge in Massachusetts

How to Appeal an Insurance Surcharge in Massachusetts

When you’re recovering from the events of an accident, the last thing you need is a notice from your insurance provider telling you the accident was your fault and your insurance rates will increase as a result. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for drivers involved in certain types of accidents in Massachusetts. Under Massachusetts law, […]

Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Property Manager

Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Property Manager

As a landlord, you have a variety of responsibilities regarding your property and your tenants. Depending on your lifestyle, there are many reasons you may want to consider hiring additional help to take care of all your obligations. A professional property manager can help you take care of specific duties or provide complete management of […]

How to Guide to Insuring Jewelry

Insuring Jewlery - Jewlery Insurance - Home Insurance Rider

Did you know that jewelry, from engagement rings to necklaces, is by far the most inherited item in families? These special pieces are passed down from generation to generation, becoming heirlooms that you and your children will treasure for years. But what happens if you lose your most precious piece of jewelry? If you’re worried about keeping […]

Should I Appeal My Traffic Ticket?

Should I Appeal My Traffic Ticket?

The cost of a traffic ticket goes far beyond the price listed on a piece of paper. For instance, a speeding ticket is considered a minor traffic violation in Massachusetts, but it can increase your insurance premiums by as much as 31%. It will also add points to your driving record. If you’ve had other tickets […]

The True Cost of Owning a Dog

Cost of Owning a Dog

Are you getting ready to bring home a new furry family member? Getting a dog is exciting, but dog ownership is a huge responsibility. Are you up for the challenge? Many people don’t consider the true cost of owning a dog beyond their initial purchase or adoption. In reality, pet ownership is expensive, and if you […]

Renters Insurance vs. Condo Insurance What’s the Difference?


Did you know that 98% of home insurance claims are filed with insurance companies due to property damage? That should tell you that insurance coverage for your property is important, regardless of the type of home you live in. But the type of insurance coverage you have does indeed depend on where you live. By […]

New Home Buyers Home Insurance Checklist in Massachusetts

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Buying a home is an exciting time in your life, but the process can be overwhelming. As you work your way through the many steps involved in purchasing a new home, it’s important to remember you’ll need a quality home insurance policy. Homeowner’s insurance is a policy that protects you in the event of loss or […]

7 Common Mistakes When Buying Condo Insurance

Couple Getting Keys From Realtor Of Their New Home

Purchasing a condominium is an exciting time. You know you’ve made a great decision, and you want to protect your purchase. Of course, seeking condo insurance is a good idea, but it’s important to understand the technical details of insurance to be sure of your coverage. While many condo owners make the responsible decision to […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It? A Complete Guide

Are Solar Panels Worth It

In the United States, solar energy is expanding steadily. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, there are now enough solar panels to power 18 million American homes, and that number is only rising. Well, it certainly isn’t too late to jump on the bandwagon, but is solar really worth it? Let’s talk about the […]

Parent’s Guide to Childproofing Your Home

Child Proofing - Baby proofing

Last year, there were approximately 3.6 million babies born in the United States. Imagine all those future parents dreaming of meeting their new bundle of joy. They’re spending time imagining what their child will look like, what name to give them, even how to decorate their room. Probably more than a few parents fall into the trap […]

Complete Guide to Staging Your Home For Sale

Home Staging

Are you thinking of selling your home? Do you want to find out if staging your home is the best option for you? Staging is the process of preparing a house to sell. It’s an easy way to make your home look more appealing and increase its value. This guide will help you understand what […]

Car Insurance Policy Shopping Checklist

Shopping the Car Insurance Policy That's Right for You

If you’ve ever been involved in a fender bender or a car accident, you already know how important car insurance is when the time comes to pay for the car repairs. The problem often comes into play when you want to start your car insurance policy shopping and get improved coverage. There are so many […]

What to Do After a Rental Car Accident

Car Rental Insurance

The car rental industry in the US made around $45 billion in 2019. That equates to a large number of rental cars on our roads every day. If you’re unfortunate enough to get into an accident when driving a rental car, it can be a confusing time. After all, it’s not actually your car, so who is […]

Car Leasing Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Car Leasing Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a new car? Most people have the same question: Should I lease or buy a car? Car leasing is an easy way to get the latest model of your favorite vehicle without paying the total price. You can drive away in a brand new car every few years and still have […]

A Complete Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

Hiring a Financial Advisor

Do you have a lot of money, and you don’t know how to put it into use? If so, then hiring a financial advisor is something you should consider. A financial advisor can help you manage your money and make intelligent decisions about how to invest it. They’ll also be able to offer investment advice […]

Does My Personal Car Insurance Cover Me For Business Use?


If you don’t drive a company vehicle, chances are, you’ve never considered the need for commercial auto insurance. After all, everyone drives their car to and from work without changing their policy. Still, if you use your personal vehicle for business tasks during the workday, your auto insurance may not be adequate. There are many professions […]

What to Do After a Car Accident in Massachusetts: A Complete 7 Step Guide

Auto Insurance - Inspecting Car Damage After A Crash

A car accident is a frightening experience no matter the severity of the injuries or the property damage involved. While you may think you know what to do, it’s easy to forget the vital steps you need to take in the event of an accident. Taking the proper action immediately after a car accident will […]

Should I File a Home Insurance Claim or Not?

Should I File a Home Insurance Claim or Not?

In 2017, only 6% of insured homeowners filed a home insurance claim. You may be wondering, “Why are we all paying these monthly premiums if no one’s cashing in?” The answer is simple: it’s not always a good idea. Home insurance coverage is designed to protect your financial security in the event that your personal property is catastrophically damaged. […]

How to Guide For Student Loans

Student Loans - How to Guide

In 2019, 19.6 million students were enrolled in a college program. That feeling of getting a college acceptance letter or email from your dream school is unbeatable. After you get into your dream school, there are so many things you need to think about. One of the most important things you have to think about is paying […]

Complete Guide to Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you can make the best plans in the world, and they can still get turned on their head because of the unexpected. Are you a detailed planner when it comes to your travel plans? Do you like reading the fine print on all your reservations, […]

Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Why Hire Me as Your Realtor ?

Have you decided to sell your home and wondering whether to do a sale-by-owner transaction or hire a real estate agent? Sure, you could save money from an agent’s commission, but have you thought about what that commission saves you in time and getting the best price for your property? Are you looking for the […]

How to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Energy costs have been on the rise for several years now. In fact, most people just assume that from gasoline to oil to electricity, the question is not whether energy costs will rise but how much. Fortunately, there are many things you can do that do not cost a lot of money, require relatively little […]

Top 10 Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Searching for Car insurance online

If you drive a vehicle in Massachusetts, you’re required to have a car insurance policy. The coverage you choose will likely depend on many factors. Yet, certain choices you make can leave you underinsured or over-budget. Your vehicle is an important investment. Protect your car and the individuals inside by learning the facts about car […]

Top Reasons Why a Home Inspection is Important

Top Reasons Why a Home Inspection is Important

When you’re buying a house, it’s easy to jump into an exciting sale. You think you’ve found the perfect place and the price is right; why hesitate? Even if the home looks nice on the surface, there may be major problems lurking where you can’t see them. There could be foundation problems, plumbing issues, and even […]

Does Car Insurance Cover My Car Windshield or Glass?

Does Car Insurance Cover My Car Windshield or Glass?

You love your car. Following proper car maintenance isn’t a suggestion to you. During the winter, you make sure it’s covered, and in the summer, you prevent it from overheating. Then the unexpected happens. Your car windshield cracks. Whether from a stray pebble or a collision, you now need an auto glass repair or replacement. This […]

The Ultimate Insurance Moving Checklist for Massachusetts

Moving Checklist

Planning on moving from one state to another is a huge undertaking and taking care of your family and your possessions are your priority. Our Insurance Moving Checklist will help prepare you for the necessities for safe travel and arrival at your new Massachusetts home. Insurance differs from state to state, and not being ready […]

Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance?

Rental Coverage - Auto Insurance

Is Buying Rental Car Insurance Worth the Cost and Hassle? You’re a responsible traveler. You booked your room weeks in advance, your schedule is set in stone, and you’ve chosen a reliable rental car. Still, you’re stuck wasting precious time at the rental counter worrying about the unexpected cost of rental car insurance. After all, […]

Your Guide to Working as an Independent Contractor or Sole Proprietor

Your Guide to Working as an Independent Contractor or Sole Proprietor

Do you dream of working on your own, being your own boss? Some 23 million Americans have taken the leap into work as sole proprietors. What does it mean to be a sole proprietor? How is that different than working as an independent contractor? If you aspire to be your own boss, work on your own, or […]

Car Maintenance Checklist 101

Car Maintenance Checklist 101

88% of Americans own a vehicle, such as a car, van, or motorbike. These play a valuable role in transporting people around the country to home, work, school, and on daily errands. So they are a vital part of day-to-day life. However, for the majority of Americans, buying a car is a real investment. The average […]

Home Improvement 101 – How to Hire a Contractor for Your Home Project

Home Improvement 101: How to Hire a Contractor for Your Home Project

Not every home renovation project is ideal for the “do-it-yourself” mentality.  Somewhere along your home improvement journey, you’ll likely find yourself in need of a home contractor. But how do you go about hiring a contractor? What are the key things to look for, and what kinds of questions should you be asking? The good […]

Water Damage Prevention Tips and Repairs For Your Home

Water Damage Prevention and Tips

Each year, one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim related to water damage or freezing. While estimates vary, each American uses an average of 80-100 gallons of water per day—inside of their homes! With these statistics, it’s no wonder that some of this water usage leads to home water damage. To a […]

Top 17 Road Dangers to Be Aware of in 2021

Top 17 Road Dangers to Be Aware of in 2021

As a driver, sometimes you hop in behind the wheel and go into auto-pilot, especially as an experienced driver. Yet, road dangers lurk in a variety of forms out on the road. It might surprise you to learn that on average, there are about 10 million car accidents a year across the United States. In […]

Small Business Insurance 101

Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner, your top priority is most likely minimizing your costs while maximizing your profits and growth. Now that you have established a regular clientele and have been earning steady revenue obtaining the proper business insurance can protect you and your assets from potentially catastrophic personal lawsuits. When running a small business, […]

Should I Buy or Rent? Houses Vs Apartments

Should I Buy or Rent

Should I Buy or Rent is a common question people ask themselves, this article will provide the answers to the age-old question of houses vs apartments. In the United States, an estimated 82.8 million people live in owner-occupied homes, a 2.1 million increase from just a year earlier. There’s no doubt many Americans are jumping […]

Cyber Security Checklist for Your Small Business 2021

Cyber Security Checklist for Your Small Business 2021

Cyber security experts estimate that roughly 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses alone. By 2023, cyber security criminals will also hijack more than 30 billion confidential records and other secured data. That’s why it’s vital that small business owners know how to fight off cyber threats to protect their records from theft or loss. If you’re starting […]

What You Need to Know Before You Invest in a Safe

What You Need to Know Before You Invest in a Safe

It’s startling to know that every year there are some 2.5 million burglaries a year. Even worse, about 66% of those burglaries are home invasions. The average loss from a burglary is over $2,400. In fact, most property owners say their number one concern for their property involves break-ins or home invasions. Your home is supposed […]

Dream Home vs Dream Wedding: Making the Right Choice for Your Future

Dream Wedding - NewlyWeds Dancing

For many young couples, planning a future together includes preparing for a wedding ceremony. A wedding extravaganza allows you to have a fairytale day when everything is perfect and launches your future together as a couple. A wedding with all the trimmings comes with a big price tag, but it’s worth it–Right? Maybe, but for […]

Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale By Owner: What’s the Better Option?

Real Estate Agent vs For Sale By Owner

Whether in the market to buy a house or choosing to sell one, you should know one thing, the housing market is on fire right now. Homes are only on the market for an average of 19 days, selling 16 days faster than a year ago. There were 728, 538 houses listed for sale, and 48.9% of […]

How to Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage in 2021

How to Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage in 2021

There’s no doubt the housing market is on fire right now. In April of 2021, there were 608, 883 homes sold. Even more surprising was that 48.9% sold above the asking price. If you think you’re ready to buy a home, you need to be ready to go too. In fact, the homes selling now are […]

8 Tips for Reducing Your Car Insurance Premiums

Reducing Your Car Insurance

Reducing your car insurance premiums is one of the things you will need to budget for annually, as you may your car insurance, which may vary depending on such factors as your driving history, state, gender, age, and company as well. The good news is that auto insurance is not a fixed cost and there […]

Car Insurance Guide for Teen Driver’s With A Learner’s Permit

Teen Driving In Car with Driving School Instructor

Read our complete Car Insurance Guide for Teen Drivers that are Learning to drive. For teen’s, this is an exciting time but often a nerve-wracking experience for adults.  While getting all the proper documents and training in order for your child to get a learner’s permit, it can be easy to overlook the details of […]

Complete Guide to Buying Life Insurance

Complete Guide to Buying Life Insurance

In 2019, only 51% of Americans had life insurance coverage.  Even more surprising is that only 30% of Americans have the life insurance coverage they need. As a responsible adult, you know you have to consider all kinds of insurance needs. From health insurance to car and homeowners insurance, you need a whole lot of insurance protection. You […]

Step by Step Guide to Personal Loans 101

Step by Step Guide to Personal Loans 101

Are you one of the 56% of American consumers who admit they’re living paycheck to paycheck? How much are you able to save from your pay each month? Some 49% of Americans have saved less than $500 in the last three months. In fact, less than 4 out of every 10 Americans couldn’t pay for an unexpected financial expense […]

The Complete Guide to Picking the Right Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance

Anyone who owns a home can attest to the fact that homeowners’ insurance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It protects your home and all possessions therein against incidents such as theft and damage, thus safeguarding your investment. Similarly, mortgage institutions require prospective homeowners to have an insurance cover that corresponds with the value of […]

What is a Personal Umbrella Insurance and Why Do I Need It?


Many people get overwhelmed when they think about their insurance. If they own a home, they probably shopped around and went with the cheapest policy. Same with automobile insurance. However, that isn’t always the wisest move. The truth is that many people are underinsured and it isn’t a good thing. They have a lot to […]

7 Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

7 Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting time. Still, you also have a lot of responsibilities to make sure everything goes smoothly when moving day arrives. While you’re probably excited about moving out of your parents’ house, renting an apartment comes with a variety of costs and tasks you’re likely not accustomed to. In […]

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Business Insurance

Concentrated aged businesswoman checking agreement before signing

Running a business can seem like a minefield full of potential missteps and mistakes. It’s easy to overspend in some areas and neglect important obligations. If you own or run a business, purchasing the right kind of insurance is a necessity. However, there are many policies available, and it can be difficult to know exactly […]

Engagement Ring Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know for 2021

Engagement Ring Insurance 101 Everything You Need to Know for 2021

It’s one of the most special and memorable days of anyone’s life: your beloved has gotten down on one knee and asked the question you’ve been hoping to hear. “Will you…?” Perhaps they presented you with a newly purchased and specially chosen diamond engagement ring. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom, or you plan to go […]

Young Drivers: How to Handle Car Insurance for Your Child at College

How To Handle Car Insurance For Your Child At College

It might seem like the decisions connected to sending your child off to college are endless. Which school to select? How to pay for it? What classes to take? What will they need for school while living away from home? While your child might be the one heading off to a new adventure and learning experience, as […]

How to Negotiate A Commercial Lease for Your Business

How to Negotiate A Commercial Lease for Your Business

As a small business, you know there are a plethora of things to consider on a daily basis to keep your business running smoothly and successfully, from employees, inventory, customers, insurance needs, and business finances. The statistics are startling for small businesses and their success rate, so managing it all can feel overwhelming. The truth is that […]

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Automation

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Automation

Have you been considering whether or not integrating smart home technology is right for you? Smart homes are no longer things of the future. With the boom of smart devices, more and more people are opting for smart home automation. But is it the right answer for you? Smart home automation may indeed reduce your […]

Filing a Third-Party Claim Against Someone Else’s Car Insurance

Filing for third-party claim concept, an auto insurance claim form about to be filled out.

When you’re involved in an accident caused by someone else, it should be their responsibility to pay the cost. However, making a third-party claim is rarely that simple. A claim against someone else’s insurance is called a third-party claim. Because you, the claimant, are the third party making a claim against another driver and their […]

How to Apply for and Finance a Small Business Loan

How to Apply for and Finance a Small Business Loan

Some 30.7 million small businesses exist in the US, and small businesses also help to create 1.5 million new jobs each year. They are a fundamental part of the US economy. Those numbers are impressive and big. But as a small business owner individual, you have to worry about caring for your own business, keeping the […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage in 2021?

Refinance my mortgage on a home laptop.

2020 was a big year for the housing market. As Coronavirus swept the globe and forced families to alter their lifestyles completely, priorities began to shift, and new opportunities arose for many potential home buyers. Interest rates dropped to near historic lows, and many homeowners took advantage of an opportunity to refinance existing home loans. […]

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance

In this digital age, running a business without cyber liability insurance exposes you to tremendous risk. 70% of small businesses are unprepared for cyber attacks, and the forecasted average cost of cyber attacks is $1 trillion between 2020 and 2024. Not to mention, working from home may result in employees using less secure devices, which increases […]

Types of Mortgage Insurance Policies and How They Work

Types of Mortgage Insurance Policies and How They Work

So, you’re ready to take the leap into homeownership and want to prepare in every way. You have saved for the downpayment, researched what you can afford, and even started to look at homes.  You know about home loans and mortgages and home inspections. The one thing you need to learn more about is the […]

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

When disaster strikes, you could find yourself and your business drowning in a heap of bills. That’s why no one should open a business without purchasing business insurance. You can also add extra coverage to your property or casualty insurance. One of the most useful additions is business interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance covers your financials […]

Everything You Need To Know About Flood Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Flood Insurance

In the last two decades, flooding has accounted for 43 percent of all-natural disasters in the United States. That makes flooding the most frequent natural disaster in the US by far. The effects of flooding can be devastating. Each year, this type of disaster drives over 75,000 Americans from their homes. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to […]

How to Navigate a 1031 Exchange

How to Navigate a 1031 Exchange

The real estate market is hot right now. There are many reasons to consider getting into real estate as an investor. There are also big incentives to sell while the market is hot. If you have real estate investments and are considering selling, what tax implications will you acquire because of the sale? Will you reinvest? […]

Townhouse vs. Condo, Why the Difference Matters

Townhouse vs Condo Why the difference matters

Research has shown that people consider moving more stressful than divorce. And while this may seem extreme, when you consider all the stresses associated with finding and buying a home, it actually makes sense. Beyond the complexity of dealing with packing up your entire life, moving to a new home brings along decision fatigue. The emotional burden of […]

How To Guide To Buying a Fixer Upper Home

Buying a Fixer-Upper - What You Need to Know

Is it time for you to look into buying a home? Whether you’re looking to save money on a place to live or you want to fix up a rental, buying a fixer upper is a great way to keep costs down and get the feeling of a job well done. But do you have what […]

Home Maintenance Checklist 2021

Home Maintenance Checklist 2021

Owning a home is one of the biggest life investments for you and the generations that’ll come after you. Even though your home is a place of safety and beautiful memories, it’s also a place that needs a lot of maintenance all year round. For instance, spring is the best time to do some gardening, […]

Why General Aggregate Matters in Commercial Insurance

Why General Aggregate Matters in Commercial Insurance

Many business owners are familiar with the need for commercial insurance and general liability coverage. However, it’s common for business owners to have no idea about the amount of their general aggregate limit. Unfortunately, individuals don’t even learn what an aggregate limit is until it’s been exceeded. Your commercial insurance policy’s aggregate limit comes out of […]

Recommended Tire Pressure for Safe Driving

Recommended Tire Pressure for Safe Driving

When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tires? Too many people neglect the recommended tire pressure in their cars. The tire pressure matters if you want to be a safe driver, get a better fuel economy, and prevent larger repair expenses in the future. But how do you know what the right […]

Should You Avoid Hydroplaning? Do’s and Don’ts When Hydroplaning

Should You Avoid Hydroplaning Do’s and Don'ts When Hydroplaning

Did you know that based on over ten years, the top two contributors to weather-related car crashes were wet pavement and rain? Hydroplaning occurs during rainy conditions.  Speed, insufficient tire tread, and standing water are the three factors in hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens when water on the road causes the tires to lose contact with the road. Why is hydroplaning […]

2021 How to Buy a Home – Step By Step Guide

2021 How to Buy a Home - Step By Step Guide

Buying a home is an incredibly huge step in a person’s life. There is a sense of pride that goes with homeownership, and being able to turn a dream into reality is very satisfying. After all, a home is a big financial commitment and usually a long-term one. The idea of finding your dream home […]

Pros and Cons of Owning and Managing a Rental Property

Pros and Cons of Owning and Managing a Rental Property

Over 30 percent of Americans rent their homes. This amounts to approximately 44 million households! Clearly, there is a demand for rental properties out there – why not get in on the action? If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord, make sure you’ve done your research about managing a rental property. There are many benefits to being […]

Public Adjuster Pros and Cons Every Homeowner Should Know

Homeowner talking to Public Adjuster Regarding Insurance Claim

Nobody likes to pay for the insurance bill. But it is a necessity for a homeowner. The insurance provides the needed financial protection when something unexpected or catastrophic happens to your home. When those unfortunate events happen, for example, water damage from an overflowing toilet or storm damage to the roof, you need to call […]

Tips for First-Time Home Buyer Insurance

Tips for First-Time Home Buyer Insurance

Buying your first home could easily be the most exhilarating but scary decision you make. It could be the best decision you ever make, but it could also be the biggest mistake of your adult life. While homeownership is one of those things that we all endeavor to do and often dream about, it requires […]

Check Your Auto Insurance If You Plan to Make Deliveries

Guy Delivering Food - Uber Eats - Door Dash - Grub Hub

The cost of car accidents across the US rounds out to roughly $242 billion per year. The more often a driver is on the road, the more statistically likely they are to get into an accident. This means that drivers with delivery-based occupations could stand a higher chance of getting involved in a crash. Without the proper auto […]

Step by Step Insurance Guide For Your Airbnb or VRBO Property

Insurance Guide For Your Airbnb or VRBO Property

Each year, nearly three million property owners worldwide rent their homes through the Airbnb platform alone. Millions more rent out properties through similar platforms, generating billions of dollars in income. But while listing your home or vacation property with a short term rentals service is easy, sorting out the behind-the-scenes details can be far more complicated. Figuring out how to handle home […]

The Ultimate Guide to Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance - All you need to Know to Protect Your Car

So you’ve finally gotten your dream car. A classic Ford Mustang or a limited make Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer is now sitting in your garage waiting to take a cruise down a forest-lined highway. But before you rev up the engine, you’ve got to protect your new baby from the worst-case scenario. There is an average […]

How to Sell a Used Car

Happy young man receiving car keys after second hand sale

It’s time to say goodbye. With all the memories of countless road trips, mundane trips to the grocery store, and exciting adventures, your vehicle has served you well. But now, it’s time for it to move on to someone else. Maybe you’ve finally saved up the money for your dream car. Or, your family has […]

Complete Guide to Contractor Liability Insurance

Complete Guide to Contractor Liability Insurance

With every project, you put a lot on the line. Accordingly, it’s important to ensure that you have sufficient liability coverage. It’s a good day when you win a contract. However, some project owners require you to have specific insurance to accept a bid. Typically, these coverages include general contractor liability insurance, workers comp, and vehicle insurance. […]

Pros and Cons to Renting vs Buying a House


Are you looking to pick up and move to a whole new place? It’s an exciting time, but you have so many options. What’s the right choice? Do you know if you’re going to buy or rent your new home? We want to talk about it. There are plenty of pros and cons to renting […]

Dog Owners Insurance Guide to Homeowners Insurance

Dog Owners Guide to Home Insurance - Yorkie Photo

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), more than 48 million American households own at least one dog. As these numbers suggest, pet ownership is rewarding. Dogs provide companionship and unconditional love. They may also enhance your sense of security. Without the right precautions, though, dog ownership can also pose some risks. Responsible dog ownership means […]

What To Look For When Choosing A Condo Association Insurance Agent?

What To Look For When Choosing A Condo Association Insurance Agent?

Insurance is one of those things people don’t like to think about until they need it. Even so, there’s no better feeling than having an insurance policy that you know will protect you if the worst happens. Given that many people don’t know how their insurance works, it’s no surprise that so many are in […]

9 Tips on How to Lower Homeowners Insurance

9 Tips on How to Lower Homeowners Insurance

Are you wondering how to lower homeowners’ insurance for you and your family? Do you wonder how things such as filing a claim or your credit score will affect your home insurance policy’s premium? If so, you should look into several different home insurance tips and tricks to lower your monthly premium. Doing so can […]

The Most Common Insurance Policy Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The Most Common Insurance Policy Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The first insurance policy was created in the United Kingdom back in the 1700s. Since then, these policies have become invaluable across the globe. In fact, the insurance market is currently worth $1.22 trillion. This means there are loads of great policies to choose from, no matter what you need coverage for. However, it also means […]

What Happens If You Get Hit by an Uninsured Motorist?

What Happens If You Get Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

You’re driving, minding your own business. But then – “BOOM”, you get hit by an uninsured driver out of nowhere. Well, for one, that is simply a misfortune. However, you’ve probably never been in a situation like this, and you have no idea what to expect. You don’t know who to call, what to do, […]

Why Insurance Companies Do Annual Insurance Audits: Everything To Know

Why Insurance Companies do Annual Insurance Audits: Everything to Know

For business owners and private citizens alike, the word “audit” tends to send a shiver down our spine. The word tends to carry a negative connotation, often associated with IRS tax audits that can potentially land you in hot water. However, annual insurance audits are much different—and can actually be beneficial to your business. They […]

Complete Guide to EPLI Insurance

EPLI insurance

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employees filed 72,675 cases alleging workplace discrimination in 2019. Regardless of their outcome, these cases impose significant costs on employers. EPLI insurance protects your business from these costs. So what is EPLI insurance? What does EPLI cover? When discussing EPLI coverage, who needs it? Find answers to these questions and more in this […]

A Small Business Guide to Business Owners Insurance: What You Need to Know

What Insurance Do You Need To Protect Your Small Business

Starting a small business is an exciting journey filled with opportunities and challenges. One of the key steps in building a successful business is making sure it’s protected. That’s where Business Owners Insurance comes in. Think of it like a safety net for your business. If something unexpected happens, like a fire in your office […]

Professional Liability vs General Liability Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Professional Liability vs General Liability Insurance: What's the Difference?

As much as 90% of businesses are engaged in litigation throughout each year. Sometimes lawsuits come from customers, while others come from partners, staff, and vendors. Litigation might happen if someone feels they’re owed money. Cases might involve bodily injury, personal injury, misrepresentation, and more. Litigation cases and lawsuits are costly. For most businesses, litigation can […]

Pros and Cons of Leasing vs Buying a Car

When weighing up leasing vs buying a car, which is the smarter option? We lay out the pros and cons in this complete guide to help you decide.

If you’re in the market for a new car, then you’re most likely sorting through the inner debate of “leasing vs buying… which one is right for me?”. Truth be told, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. What might make sense for you wouldn’t be the right situation for someone else. You may be […]

Who Is Included in Umbrella Policy Coverage?

Who Is Included in Umbrella Policy Coverage?

Protecting your hard-earned assets is an important part of planning for your future. There’s nothing like working to save and set aside money for the future, only to have it taken away through a liability lawsuit. There are many causes of liability, from a slip-and-fall on your property to a car accident. In today’s world, […]

What Risks Are Included in My Renters Insurance Policy’s Protections?

What Risks Are Included in My Renters Insurance Policy’s Protections?

When it comes to unexpected incidents, most people hope and wish that nothing goes wrong. However, life has proven time and again that anything can happen at any time. Although you can’t always prevent accidents like fires or water damage, you can make sure that you’re protected in the event that it occurs. Unfortunately, most […]

A Complete Checklist for Accidents Involving a Company Owned Vehicle

Accidents Involving a Company Owned Vehicle

Have you or an employee of yours been involved in a car accident with your company vehicle? If so, then you might not know what to do or where to turn for help. The actions that you take next are crucial. Accidents involving a company-owned vehicle differ a bit from a regular car crash with your […]

Auto Insurance Claims: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Auto Insurance Claims: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Most drivers in the United States (including 96 percent of drivers in Massachusetts) have invested in auto insurance. The mere act of purchasing car insurance doesn’t guarantee that you know how to handle a car insurance claim, though. Do you know what to do if you get into an accident, are a victim of theft, or have to […]

What Happens When Your Business Insurance Lapses?

Business Insurance Lapses

Business Risks: What Happens When Your Business Insurance Lapses? Business insurance is one of the most important things you need to prepare when launching your start-up or building your business. Even for companies that are already well-established in their industries, insurance is still just as important as it ultimately protects your assets and overall organization. […]

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover? A Complete Guide

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Did you know there are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S.? If you own a business, you know that you need insurance to help protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Not only do you need worker’s compensation coverage for your employees, but you also need property insurance to protect your buildings and equipment. Many business […]

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Rider?

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Rider?

Being Underinsured

Many homeowners make the unfortunate error of underestimating how much their personal belongings are worth. Though it’s important to have your property appraised, that alone isn’t enough.

12 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

12 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

When it comes to personal insurance (including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, vehicle insurance, etc.), many people throughout the United States are uninsured or underinsured. Are you part of this group? Are you unsure of how you’re going to find the best insurance policy that works for you, your needs, and your budget? If you said […]

What Is Recommended for Car Insurance Coverage?

What Is Recommended for Car Insurance Coverage

Massachusetts’s population has grown by 5.4% since the last US Census. Today, almost seven million people call the state home. Along with this population growth is the rise in the number of owned vehicles in the Bay State. In fact, a study found that the number of household vehicles in Boston alone went up by 15% from 2012 to […]

A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

Did you know that researchers found that riding a motorcycle can lower stress markers by at least 28%? The study also noted that 20 minutes of motorcycling had effects akin to light exercise. Moreover, motorcyclists seem to have a sensory focus better than those who drive cars! Let’s not forget that riding a motorcycle can be […]

Why Should I Have a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Why Should I Have a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Every ten seconds, an American driver is in a car crash. These crashes can involve life-changing injuries. They can also lead to life-altering lawsuits. In the blink of an eye, unsuspecting motorists can find themselves facing million-dollar lawsuits. In these and other common circumstances, standard auto and homeowner’s insurance is often not enough. Umbrella insurance […]

How Much Dwelling Coverage Do I Need For A Condo?

How Much Condo Dwelling Coverage Do I Need

Condos account for less than 10 percent of occupied American housing units. Despite their relatively small market share, condos are becoming increasingly popular. About one in every five units in newly constructed multi-unit properties are condos. Condos consistently out-rank apartments in satisfaction surveys. In fact, residents routinely rate condo ownership as just as satisfying as owning a […]

Common Home Insurance Myths You Need to Be Aware Of

Myths To Home Insurance

Buying a house is one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, and momentous occasions in many people’s lives. One of the most important things you do when you buy a house is to set up your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that you’re protected in the event of a fire, theft, or some other disaster. Unfortunately, […]

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping for Condo Master Insurance

Shopping for condo master insurance

As a condominium property manager, you’re the primary point-of-contact for unit owners, the building’s board of directors, hired personnel, services, and contractors. This means you’re responsible for overseeing every aspect of operations, from maintenance work to vendor relationships which would include shopping for condo master insurance. One of your most crucial roles is to purchase […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks? We Explain It All

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Just this April 2020, over 130,000 people in Massachusetts lost power due to severe storms. Extreme winds and heavy rains uprooted trees, which then fell onto power lines. Almost ten thousand consumers had to sleep without power during that time. As a Bay State resident yourself, you’ve likely noticed how bad weather now occurs more often in MA. […]

Why Purchase Special Event Insurance?

Why Purchase Special Event Insurance?

Why purchase special event insurance?
The first thing to do is to check and see how many items of yours will not be covered by your homeowners insurance. If you have a lot of items not covered, then you will need a higher value homeowners policy.

How Much Is Boat Insurance?

How Much is Boat Insurance

Boating and Watercraft Season has begun in Massachusetts! Before we know it, we will be spending long days on the water and enjoying sunshine, family and friends.

Top 10 Ways to Cut Insurance Costs on Your Next Purchase

Cut Insurance Costs MA

In 2018, personal insurance and pensions cost Americans an average of $7,296. That represents an increase of 7.8% from the previous year. It’s also $465 higher than what consumers shelled out in 2016. All these prove that insurance is becoming more and more expensive in the US. However, that doesn’t mean that lowering insurance costs is […]

Top 9 Tips on How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

9 Tips on How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Found yourself exclaiming, “why is my car insurance so high?” You’re not alone: at least 5.6 million other drivers throughout the US are on the same boat. This is the number of motorists who’ve seen the most increase in their auto insurance rates this 2020. In fact, car insurance expenditures have gone up since 2010. On average, […]

Comprehensive Guide on How to Prevent Car Theft

Car thief trying to break into a car with a screwdriver. Car thief, car theft.

Did you know that in 2018, a staggering 748,841 cases of motor vehicle theft occurred in the US? Or that these crimes led to over $6 billion in property losses? Granted, the FBI did note that the above figures represent a decrease from the previous year. However, that’s still almost three-quarters of a million stolen and damaged […]

What Does Landlord Insurance Pay for After a Fire?

What Does Landlord Insurance Pay for After a Fire?

A fire can cause serious damage or the total loss of a home. When the fire occurs in a rental home, there are a variety of complications regarding insurance and payment. While most insurance policies designed to protect any dwelling cover accidental fire damage, there is a fine line between the landlord’s coverage and the […]

Don’t Have Homeowner’s Insurance? 5 Risks You Must Know

Homeowner's Insurance

While Massachusetts residents must carry car insurance, homeowner’s insurance isn’t required. Still, that doesn’t mean you should skip the coverage. Failing to carry insurance on your home provides a variety of risks and expenses. Your home is likely one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. Failing to obtain homeowner’s insurance means […]

What Is Renters Insurance? Everything You Should Know

What is renters insurance

Buying a house in America is expensive and only getting more so. As housing prices climb, Americans are increasingly choosing to rent. In fact, renters now account for nearly 40 percent of American households. One of the first questions most new renters find themselves asking is “what is renters insurance and why do I need it?” […]

7 Tips for Saving Money on Landlord Insurance

7 Tips for Saving Money on Landlord Insurance

Becoming a landlord can be a profitable way to make use of an uninhabited property. Still, there are many responsibilities and expenses involved. As a landlord, you are responsible for the upkeep and safety of the building and surrounding landscape. Your property is also subject to unique situations that lead to significant financial losses. The […]

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

Does my car insurance cover other drivers

If you’ve ever lent out your car, you understand the fear that comes with being generous. Car repairs are expensive. So when you put your car key in someone else’s hands, you want to make sure your insurance has your back. You need to start with your insurance agent. Ask him or her, “Does my car […]

7 FAQs About the 2020 Stimulus Checks – COVID-19

2020 Stimulus Checks

Are you eligible for a stimulus package check from the Treasury Department? As of Friday, April 24, the Internal Revenue Service said it had issued 88 million payments to individuals across the country. It plans to send out more than 150 million payments as part of the overall Economic Impact Payments program. 1 Here are […]

COVID-19 Guide: Sanitizing Surfaces in Your Home and Car

The super disinfecting son and dad duo

The best way to avoid COVID-19 is to stay at home and practice social distancing tactics whenever possible, Unfortunately, most people are forced to leave home for essential needs like food and medicine. Additionally, many people are still working during the pandemic to continue to provide essential services. While most people are aware of the […]

Coronavirus Guide: Staying Safe While Grocery Shopping During the Pandemic

Woman in full corona outfit shopping in supermarket

Every state in America has reported evidence to support that they are many confirmed cases of COVID-19, the dangerous illness contracted by the novel coronavirus. Federal, state, and local governments are issuing public health protective orders and stay home curfews to keep people safe and avoid community spread of the virus. Still, people have to […]

COVID-19 Guide To Keeping Workers Paid Act During Coronavirus Crisis

Payroll Paid Act 2020

Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act: Section-by-Section Definitions 7(a) Loan Program Defines the covered loan period as beginning on March 1, 2020, and ending on December 31, 2020. Defines eligible businesses as those businesses with 500 employees or fewer, unless the covered industry’s SBA size standard allows more than 500 employees. Allows not for profit […]

What You Need To Know About Cares Act And SBA Loans Options

SBA loans

SBA Assistance for Small Businesses Under the CARES Act There are two categories of SBA assistance presently available to (most) small businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying coronavirus-related shutdowns and public safety orders. The origin of these relief programs is the $2 trillion federal stimulus package signed into law on March 27, 2020. This […]

Landlord Insurance Quick Reference Guide

Landlord Insurance

In a strong economy, there are many avenues for investment. One popular choice is investing in a home or apartment, renting it out, and using it for income. Investment properties are great for long-term financial goals and also an intelligent way to diversify your investment portfolio. While becoming a landowner and, therefore, a landlord can […]

Home Remodel and Home Insurance – Step by Step Guide

Cropped two builder person specialist designer in formalwear shirt stand on workstation with divider pencil ruler measurement on table discuss analyzing expertise inspect scheme make paper paperwork

Homeowner’s insurance protects your home from covered risks. However, it’s important to realize that your insurance terms could change during the process of a home remodel. Even when your home is properly insured, and your contractors have the appropriate coverage, your insurance could have gaps during the renovation. What Is a Major Renovation? Not every […]