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Category: Lifestyle

Boston's Top Slang Words
John LoPriore

Boston Top Slang Words

The Boston accent has drawn attention from befuddled tourists, enamored fans, and the media. But what about slang words in Boston? Every region produced its

Umbrella Insurance - Personal Underlying Insurance
John LoPriore

Car Cleaning Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that 93 percent of American households had access to at least one automobile in 2019? As this statistic attests, owning a car remains a source

2023 MA Plate Lottery
John LoPriore

Massachusetts Low Plate Lottery 2023

Annual Massachusetts Plate Lottery 2023 Has Begun! The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) recently announced that applications for the 2023 Low Number Plate Lottery

Builder's Risk Insurance
John LoPriore

Builders Risk Insurance a Basic Guide

Want to learn more about builders risk insurance and why you need it? Read this guide for more information. Builder’s risk insurance is designed to

Outdoor Living Space
John LoPriore

How to Maximize Outdoor Living Space

Did you know that the average yard size is between 15,000 and 25,000 square feet in the US? Looking for the perfect outdoor living space but

Top Places to Visit in Boston - Fenway Park
John LoPriore

Top Places to Visit in Boston

You’re finally making your Boston — or Beantown — vacation dream a reality. But there’s more than just baked beans in Beantown. Research shows that

Spring Maintenance 2023
John LoPriore

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist 2023

In Massachusetts, winters have become warmer by at least 3.9 degrees. Interestingly, increasing temperatures, according to scientists, can bring higher amounts of snow. On the other

What Is a Will and Why Do I Need One
John LoPriore

Why You Need A Will

Are you one of the 62% of Americans who hasn’t created a will for themselves and their heirs? When asked, Why you need a will, many

Saving planning for Travel budget
John LoPriore

Top Ways to Save Money While Traveling

You’re one day closer to temporarily saying goodbye to your 9-to-5 and saying hello to sandy beaches and pina coladas, and you couldn’t be happier.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
John LoPriore

Ultimate Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

As the winter months approach, it’s important that we understand the dangers of it. Whether we love or hate the pretty snow, 62% of homeowners who suffered

Home Generator
John LoPriore

Home Generators Buying Guide

Your electricity has jumped off. You fear you may lose your food in the power outage. And you regret never purchasing a powerful generator. Research

a couple trying to pay off debt
John LoPriore

Paying Off Debt Guide

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, you’re not alone. Americans carry an average debt balance of $92,727. These debts come from a variety of

Auto Insurance - A woman smiling near the ocean on her road trip.
John LoPriore

How to Plan for a Road Trip 2022

Life is a journey, not a destination. A road trip embraces this idea for the opportunity to embark on an adventure that could literally take

cable TV cutting cord
John LoPriore

Cable TV Cutting the Cord Guide

The average household pays $116 on average per month for both cable and internet. Many of these packages come with cable channels that nobody in these houses

Insuring Jewlery - Jewlery Insurance - Home Insurance Rider
John LoPriore

How to Guide to Insuring Jewelry

Did you know that jewelry, from engagement rings to necklaces, is by far the most inherited item in families? These special pieces are passed down from generation

Cost of Owning a Dog
John LoPriore

The True Cost of Owning a Dog

Are you getting ready to bring home a new furry family member? Getting a dog is exciting, but dog ownership is a huge responsibility. Are you

Are Solar Panels Worth It
John LoPriore

Are Solar Panels Worth It? A Complete Guide

In the United States, solar energy is expanding steadily. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, there are now enough solar panels to power 18

Child Proofing - Baby proofing
John LoPriore

Parent’s Guide to Childproofing Your Home

Last year, there were approximately 3.6 million babies born in the United States. Imagine all those future parents dreaming of meeting their new bundle of joy. They’re

Student Loans - How to Guide
John LoPriore

How to Guide For Student Loans

In 2019, 19.6 million students were enrolled in a college program. That feeling of getting a college acceptance letter or email from your dream school is unbeatable.

Travel Insurance
John LoPriore

Complete Guide to Travel Insurance

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you can make the best plans in the world, and they can still get turned

Reduce Your Energy Bill
John LoPriore

How to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Energy costs have been on the rise for several years now. In fact, most people just assume that from gasoline to oil to electricity, the

Car Maintenance Checklist 101
John LoPriore

Car Maintenance Checklist 101

88% of Americans own a vehicle, such as a car, van, or motorbike. These play a valuable role in transporting people around the country to home,

Complete Guide to Buying Life Insurance
John LoPriore

Complete Guide to Buying Life Insurance

In 2019, only 51% of Americans had life insurance coverage.  Even more surprising is that only 30% of Americans have the life insurance coverage they need. As

Step by Step Guide to Personal Loans 101
John LoPriore

Step by Step Guide to Personal Loans 101

Are you one of the 56% of American consumers who admit they’re living paycheck to paycheck? How much are you able to save from your pay each

Refinance my mortgage on a home laptop.
John LoPriore

Should I Refinance My Mortgage in 2021?

2020 was a big year for the housing market. As Coronavirus swept the globe and forced families to alter their lifestyles completely, priorities began to