Mistakes Happen Even to Professional Experts

Professional business people are exposed to liability risks related to the services they provide. Any client has the right to sue you directly if they feel negligence of any type occurred during your professional interactions. While there is no way to perfectly predict customer behavior in any profession, you can get protection against these risks.

LoPriore can help you identify the unique risks you face in your profession and offer a customized Professional Liability Insurance policy to protect you against these potential risks.

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Professional liability insurance protects professionals from alleged wrongdoing (like negligence, malpractice, or misrepresentation) during the course of their job duties. This policy might occasionally be called by different names, depending on your profession, such as errors and omissions or malpractice insurance.


Your commercial liability policy provides liability coverage for accidents that occur in or around your business. It doesn’t provide coverage due to the alleged negligence of your actions while performing a service. Professional liability insurance will protect you in the event your customers file a legal claim related to errors in your professional activities.


Many different types of professionals can benefit from a professional liability insurance policy including:

Barbers and Beauticians
Doctors and Physicians
Insurance Agents
Information and Technology Specialists
Land Surveyors
Mortgage Brokers
Public Notaries
Real Estate Agents


Professional liability insurance is specialty coverage not provided by homeowner’s endorsements, in-home business policies, or business owner’s policies. Sometimes called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance or professional indemnity insurance, professional liability insurance provides liability coverage to professionals paid for their expertise. Unlike general liability coverage that protects businesses against third party accidents, professional liability covers claims directly related to the service you provide.

When a client, customer, or patient claims you have failed to complete the services you agreed to, that your work contained errors, or you provided substandard care or work, they may be able to sue you. Professional liability insurance provides coverage for third party damages and your defense costs related to these claims.

Professional liability insurance provides worldwide protection for the following claims.

  • Alleged or actual negligence: Your policy covers claims of negligence even if they are unfounded or false.
  • Personal injury (like libel or slander): False claims can have a serious impact on your reputation and lead to significant financial damages.
  • Copyright infringement: Issues related to copyright laws, including mistakes, oversights, and oversights are included.
  • Temporary staff and independent contractors: Your employees, temporary staff, and contractors can also be covered by the policy.
  • Claims arising from services provided in the past: Your policy covers an agreed timeframe that will provide coverage for both current and previous work.

Claims Not Covered by Professional Liability

Personal liability isn’t designed to act as full commercial liability coverage. It protects you against claims related to your professional actions. It does not cover the following claims.

  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Fraudulent acts
  • Employment matters
  • False advertising
  • Patents and trade secrets
  • Personal identifiable information mishandling

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Professional Liability Insurance FAQs

Here are the most common questions our valuable customers ask about professional liability insurance coverage.

The policy pays other parties for damages that you’re legally liable for as a result of your professional actions. For example, negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of your professional services. These damages may include property damage, bodily injury, economic loss, and legal expenses. The policy covers your legal costs even if allegations are false or groundless.

There are several factors that help determine your premium for professional liability.
• Your chosen limits and deductible
• Your work history
• The size of your business
• Claims history
• The number of people the coverage protects
• Professional business practices established by your company

Professional liability insurance provides coverage for damages related to negligent acts, errors, or omissions in performing professional services. Examples include mistakes in the preparation of plans, surveying errors, or failure to provide services per the reasonable standard of care.

A commercial general liability policy covers non-professional activities on the premises of your business (like when a customer slips and falls).

Not necessarily, but most businesses can benefit from a policy. Any business that offers advice, skilled services, or products that require technical training could face a lawsuit from a disgruntled customer or patient. Professional liability insurance is the only coverage that protects you from these claims.

A professional liability policy can include a period of time before the inception of the policy. If a significant financial loss occurred before the policy is instated, the retroactive period can provide coverage for the loss.

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To learn more about how professional liability insurance can protect you and your business, get in touch today. Our experienced agents will answer your questions, provide a quick quote, or help you customize the right policy to fit your lifestyle. Remember to ask about our additional commercial insurance policies and multi-policy discounts!

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