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Auto Insurance

Get into gear with our Auto Insurance blog! Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend road tripper, this section is your go-to guide for all things car insurance. We break down the jargon, offer straightforward advice on choosing the best policies, and share tips on how to save money without skimping on coverage. Learn how to navigate claims after an accident, understand what your policy really covers, and discover ways to protect yourself and your vehicle. Ready to drive with confidence? Let’s hit the road with smart insurance choices.”

This description aims to make auto insurance more approachable and relatable, emphasizing practical advice and easy-to-understand information that helps drivers make informed decisions.

Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers
John LoPriore

Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers

Welcome to our Car Insurance Guide for New Car Buyers in Massachusetts! Buying a new car is exciting, but it’s crucial to know about insurance,

Gap Insurance for Cars
John LoPriore

What Is Gap Insurance?

You may have heard that a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. Technically, the value of every purchase decreases

Miniature car model surrounded by dollar bills and coins - paying for auto insurance.
John LoPriore

Why Has My Auto Insurance Gone Up

Most states require all drivers to carry some form of auto insurance. As a result, drivers are aware of the issues that can make insurance premiums

9 Tips on How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums
John LoPriore

Auto Insurance Quote Basics

Did you know the average Massachusetts driver will pay almost $1,100 a year in car insurance premiums? If you’re on the hunt for car insurance, this

Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up
John LoPriore

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up

Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up for Complete Coverage Your driving requirements change from one year to the next, and your insurance coverage needs to keep up.

Shopping the Car Insurance Policy That's Right for You
John LoPriore

Car Insurance Policy Shopping Checklist

If you’ve ever been involved in a fender bender or a car accident, you already know how important car insurance is when the time comes

Searching for Car insurance online
John LoPriore

Top 10 Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

If you drive a vehicle in Massachusetts, you’re required to have a car insurance policy. The coverage you choose will likely depend on many factors.

Rental Coverage - Auto Insurance
John LoPriore

Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance?

Is Buying Rental Car Insurance Worth the Cost and Hassle? You’re a responsible traveler. You booked your room weeks in advance, your schedule is set

What Is Recommended for Car Insurance Coverage
John LoPriore

What Is Recommended for Car Insurance Coverage?

Massachusetts’s population has grown by 5.4% since the last US Census. Today, almost seven million people call the state home. Along with this population growth is the

A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Insurance
John LoPriore

A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

Did you know that researchers found that riding a motorcycle can lower stress markers by at least 28%? The study also noted that 20 minutes of