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Non Profit Insurance

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Protecting What Matters Most: Insuring the Future for Nonprofits

If you manage a nonprofit organization or social services agency, you’ll inevitably confront a range of risks tied to your choices. Lawsuits arising from these issues can swiftly deplete your financial resources and put your organization’s sustainability at stake. LoPriore Insurance is dedicated to helping you find personalized insurance solutions to shield your nonprofit from potential risks.

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At LoPriore Insurance, we acknowledge the unique challenges and uncertainties that social service organizations encounter while providing essential support to their communities. That’s why we’ve designed specialized Social Service Insurance solutions to safeguard your organization’s operations. Our experienced team is committed to tailoring coverage that precisely aligns with your organization’s specific needs, ensuring the protection of your assets, liability coverage, and the continuity of your vital services.

Our comprehensive range of Social Service Insurance options covers various aspects of your organization’s operations, providing protection against potential liabilities and unforeseen risks that could impact your mission. Through strategic partnerships with leading insurance providers, we offer high-quality policies that provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on serving your community with confidence.

In times of unexpected challenges or liabilities, LoPriore Insurance is your dependable partner, ready to assist you in securing the foundation of your organization. Let us navigate the complexities of Social Service Insurance for you, ensuring you can continue your crucial work with the assurance that your best interests are at the core of our services.

Understanding the Importance of
Non Profit Insurance

The purpose of Non Profit insurance is to provide financial protection and liability coverage for social service organizations, safeguarding their assets, ensuring legal compliance, and allowing them to focus on their mission of serving their communities.

What is It?

Non Profit Insurance is a policy designed to provide coverage for directors and officers of social services and nonprofit organization when facing a lawsuit. Decisions and votes made by the directors and volunteers of a nonprofit organization can lead to lawsuits that could cost you thousands of dollars in legal and defense costs–even if you win the suit.

Why Do I Need It?

Nonprofit organizations face the same risks as other businesses. They also face risks that for-profit businesses are unlikely to encounter. The right insurance policy can help you cover gaps related to high-risk situations and protect an organization with volunteers.

Who Is It For?

Any nonprofit organization can benefit from nonprofit insurance, including

• Youth programs
• Education
• Health
• Family service
• Housing support and services
• Miscellaneous other organizations

How To Insure My Charity or Non-Profit

To insure your charity or nonprofit organization effectively, start by evaluating your specific risks and liabilities related to your activities and beneficiaries. Then, reach out to insurance providers specializing in nonprofit insurance to customize coverage tailored to your organization’s unique needs, considering options like general liability, directors and officers (D&O) liability, property insurance, and potentially specialized coverage such as professional liability or cyber liability insurance. Review policy limits and deductibles carefully to align them with your financial capacity, and implement risk management practices to reduce potential liabilities. Stay informed, ensure compliance with legal or contractual requirements, budget for insurance costs, and consider seeking professional guidance from insurance advisors or attorneys with nonprofit expertise to guarantee your organization’s mission is protected.

Non Profit Insurance - How to Insure

Tips for buying Non Profit Insurance

When insuring your social service organization with Non Profit Insurance, it’s essential to make informed decisions to ensure comprehensive protection for your operations and the people you serve. Here are some vital tips to consider:

Assess Your Needs

Evaluate the specific risks and liabilities your social service organization faces, including the populations you serve and the nature of your activities, to determine the types and amounts of coverage required.

Consider Directors and Officers Insurance

If you have a board of directors or officers, consider adding Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance to protect them personally from legal actions related to their roles in the organization.

Stay Compliant

Ensure that your insurance coverage complies with any legal or contractual requirements, and keep your policies up to date.

How much does Non Profit Insurance Cost?

Non Profit Insurance - Cost

Determining the cost of Non Profit Insurance can be quite variable and contingent on a range of factors specific to each organization. Elements influencing the cost include the type and extent of coverage required, the organization’s size and revenue, the nature of services offered, geographic location, past claims history, deductible choices, risk management practices, and even the insurance provider itself. Given this complexity, it’s challenging to provide a precise cost without a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s circumstances. For an accurate estimate, it is highly advisable to engage with insurance providers or brokers who specialize in nonprofit and social service insurance. These experts can conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s unique needs and situation, ultimately providing you with customized quotes tailored to your requirements and financial capabilities.

Factors that Affect The Cost Of Non Profit Insurance

Given the variability of these factors, it’s challenging to provide a specific cost without more information about your organization’s size, location, services, and insurance needs. To get an accurate estimate for Social Service Insurance, it’s advisable to reach out to insurance providers or brokers who specialize in nonprofit and Non Profit insurance.

Coverage Types
Coverage Limits
Nature of Services
Claim History
Organization Size
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Protect Your Non Profit Organization
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Protect your mission and secure your future. Get the right Non Profit Insurance today. Contact us for a personalized quote and ensure your organization’s valuable work is safeguarded.

Non Profit Insurance Coverage Options

Discover comprehensive Non Profit Insurance coverage options tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Safeguard your mission and clients with a range of policies designed to protect against liabilities, property damage, and unexpected events.

Coverage Details

While nonprofit organizations are similar to businesses, failing to purchase specialized insurance coverage can leave you exposed to risks. Your nonprofit is exposed to a variety of risks through the services you provide to the community as you may be liable for accidents that occur on the premises, or damages related to lawsuits of alleged negligence or misinformation resulting in losses for a third party. Nonprofit insurance is a customized policy designed to provide protection to all nonprofits including:

Shelters (homeless, battered victim, etc.)
Substance Abuse Centers
Childcare Centers
Chuches and Religious Institutions
Food Programs
Youth Services
Home Health Care
Animal Shelters
Residential Living
(including halfway houses, residential group housing, transitional housing)
Rescue Missions
Private Schools
Adult Education Facilities
Mental Health Treatment Centers
Social Clubs
Grant Making Organizations

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Extra Security, Extra Peace of Mind

Request a free Social Service Insurance quote today and fortify your organization against unforeseen challenges, whether you’re providing essential services or engaging in community support. Our expert team will customize coverage options to safeguard your valuable mission, providing peace of mind throughout your organization’s operations.

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Non Profit Insurance FAQs

Yes, legal expenses are included in the policy and don’t affect liability limits. You will still have the full limit of liability for each individual claim after paying defense costs.

A claims-made policy provides professional liability protection for incidents that occur while the policy is active (between the effective date and expiration date of your policy). It’s important to remember that claims must be reported while the policy is in force. An extended reporting period endorsement (or tail) can be added to protect you against allegations made for an agreed-upon period of time after the policy expires. 

Nonprofit organizations may run a variety of programs under one umbrella, exposing them to a bigger variety of risks. Additionally, nonprofits often work with vulnerable populations including seniors, children, and troubled teens. Nonprofits need insurance to cover volunteers and coverage for medical malpractice and social service professional risks. Simply put, the insurance needs of nonprofits are often more complex than those of a business with a single focus.

There are many factors that help determine the coverage you need such as the size of the organization and the unique risks you face. Many community-based social services and non-profit organizations purchase in excess of $1 million in coverage. However, if your organization has significant assets, you may need to purchase a commercial umbrella policy for higher limits to ensure you have the right protection.

Accidents and injuries (automobile or slip and fall accidents) that occur on the premises of a nonprofit location or the location of a nonprofit special event are the most common claims that occur. Other claims include improper employment allegations, sexual abuse, and professional errors or negligence.

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