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Inland Marine Insurance in Massachusetts

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When Your Assets Are on the Move, Make Sure that Your Inland Marine Insurance Policy Follows You!

The term inland marine may have you conjuring up images of coverage for products traveling over water, but this policy is designed to provide coverage for products and business equipment traveling on land. If your business frequently ships products or equipment, you need to cover your assets with the right insurance policy. Inland marine insurance provides the protection you need in a variety of situations. 

Inland Marine Insurance

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Inland marine insurance is a policy that protects business property that moves from one location to another. It provides coverage for property in transit and property stored at different locations.


Commercial property coverage typically only provides protection for possessions located at the address listed on the policy (usually a main company or office). Inland marine insurance ensures your property is protected while in transit.


Any business that transports tools, ships valuables, or owns a vehicle with specialized equipment may need this policy.


Inland marine insurance provides coverage for business equipment and products on the move. Coverage can be purchased as a standalone policy or added to your commercial package policy. There are many situations this protection might be necessary. Coverage includes the following.

  • Bailee’s coverage: Protects your client’s property when left in your care
  • Builder’s risk: Protects structures and materials during construction
  • Commercial computer: Protects servers and computers
  • Contractor’s equipment: Protects machinery and tools at job sites, your storage yard, and while in transit
  • Exhibition and fine arts: Protection for expensive display items while on exhibition, in transit, and on loan
  • Installation floater: Protection for business equipment and tools while in transit
  • Motor truck cargo: Protection for your clients’ goods while you deliver them
  • Transit: Protection for your products while they are in transit

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Inland Marine Insurance FAQ's

A bailee refers to a person who has temporary possession of someone else’s property. Inland marine insurance helps to protect property that has been entrusted to you by its owner.

An open perils policy covers all perils and properties unless specifically excluded from the policy. While a named perils policy may be cheaper, it only provides coverage for events (perils) listed in the policy. Inland marine insurance doesn’t provide coverage for owned or rented vehicles.

Marine insurance provides coverage for possessions transported over water. Originally named because it branched off from marine insurance, inland marine insurance covers items while being transported across land or in a temporary location. It does not cover property being transported by air or boat.

Since no business is exactly the same, the cost for inland marine insurance can vary widely from one business to the next. There are several factors that help to determine the cost of your inland marine policy, including:
• The age of your company
• Your company’s reputation
• Your location
• Your company’s insurance track record
• The size of your business
• The types of materials you transport
• How frequently you need to ship/transport items

Yes, they are insurance companies that offer this coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about your specific needs and options

Learn More about Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance provides valuable protection for items that must be transported from one destination to another. To learn more about how inland marine insurance can help you avoid gaps in your coverage, get in touch today. Our agents are standing by to answer your questions, provide a quick quote, or share information about our available commercial and personal insurance policies.

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