Whether your hobby is on land or sea, we can provide insurance coverage for your Recreational Vehicle.

Your recreational vehicle is an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. It’s also an investment and can lead to potential risks. Whether your outdoor hobby takes you through snow, over water, across rough terrain, or around the country, you need the right insurance to protect yourself and your investment. LoPriore offers a variety of recreational insurance policies to fit your unique lifestyle.

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Recreational insurance is a policy that provides specialized coverage for recreational vehicles that aren’t provided by your standard homeowners or auto insurance policy. Your recreational insurance may be added to your homeowners insurance (if you only use it on your property) or your auto insurance (if you use it in public areas).


For peace-of-mind, while you’re traveling through the snow or the mountains, count on LoPriore Insurance to provide you the protection you need.


If you are financing a recreational vehicle, you might be required to carry insurance to protect the assets of your lender. Additionally, your homeowners insurance might leave you underinsured in some circumstances related to recreational vehicles. Anyone who owns a recreational vehicle and uses it beyond the bounds of their personal property could benefit from a recreational insurance policy.


  • Recreational insurance covers a variety of vehicles. These may include motor homes, campers, trailers, ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, golf carts, scooters, mopeds, and dune buggies. These vehicles may be used on your property, but they are often used in public areas as well. Recreational insurance can provide you with the following coverages.
    • Collision coverage
    • Medical payments coverage
    • Safety apparel coverage
    • Increased liability limits
    • Optional equipment coverage
    • Coverage for trailers used for transporting

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FAQ's About Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Typically, there is no coverage for ATVs under your home insurance. However, minimum liability coverage may be provided if the ATV is only used on the homeowner’s property.

While some coverage for watercraft is supplied by a home insurance policy, jet skis are excluded from this type of coverage.

If you plan to drive your golf cart on public roads, you would need a recreational insurance policy. However, if you only drive your golf cart on your personal property, homeowners insurance can provide limited coverage.

A standard recreational insurance policy covers ATV use for recreational or commuting uses. Organized racing is typically excluded from any standard recreational vehicle insurance policy. Additionally, it’s important to remember that certain ATVs like four-wheelers and dirt bikes aren’t legally permitted on highways and roads.  Any claim filed for an incident in which your ATV is being used illegally would likely be denied.

Yes. Massachusetts state laws have a variety of requirements for ATV users to follow. 

  • Recreational vehicles must be registered unless they’ve been approved for an exclusion.
  • All users and riders are required to wear an approved helmet.
  • A recreational vehicle must be equipped with one or more headlights, a red rear light, and a red rear reflector when operated after sunset.
  • Operation within 150 feet of a residence is not permitted without permission from the owner.
  • Operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

This is not an exhaustive list. Learn more about off-highway vehicle safety laws before operating any ATV.

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Recreational vehicles are designed to be fun. LoPriore can help you remove risks so you can fully enjoy the use of any recreational vehicle. To learn more about recreational insurance policies, get in touch today. Our experienced agents are standing by to answer your questions, provide a quick quote, or provide the custom personal and commercial insurance policies you need.

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