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Personal Articles Insurance
in Massachusetts

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Treasure It? Let Us Insure It.

Your personal belongings are more than just items; they hold sentimental value, represent investments, and are cherished possessions. Our Personal Articles Insurance is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, assuring that your valuable possessions are safeguarded. With our coverage, you can rest easy knowing that your memories and investments are protected against unexpected events, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in life.

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Massachusetts Personal Article Insurance
Lopriore Insurance Agency

A Personal Articles Floater is ideal for individuals with high-value or sentimental items that surpass standard insurance coverage. Whether you’re a collector, musician, traveler, or jewelry enthusiast, this specialized insurance ensures your prized possessions are comprehensively protected against potential loss or damage.

Understanding the Importance of
Personal Articles Insurance

Personal Articles Insurance is essential for safeguarding high-value possessions, offering specialized coverage beyond standard policies to protect items like jewelry, fine art, and collectibles.

What is It?

Personal Articles Insurance, commonly known as a floater, is a specific type of insurance policy that provides extended coverage for valuable items that might not be fully covered under standard homeowners or renters insurance. This policy "floats" over your primary insurance to ensure that your high-value items are fully protected.

Why Do I Need It?

If you own items that are especially valuable—whether in monetary or sentimental terms—a personal articles floater can ensure they're adequately protected. Standard homeowners or renters insurance policies may not provide enough coverage for these high-value items.

Who Is It For?

A Personal Articles Floater is ideal for individuals with high-value or sentimental items that surpass standard insurance coverage. Whether you're a collector, musician, traveler, or jewelry enthusiast, this specialized insurance ensures your prized possessions are comprehensively protected against potential loss or damage.

How To Insure My Personal Items

How To Insure My Personal Items - Personal Articles Insurance

To insure your personal items effectively, start by creating a detailed inventory of your possessions, including photographs and descriptions. Contact your insurance provider to explore coverage options, such as adding a personal articles floater or endorsement to your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy. Ensure the policy covers the replacement cost of your items and provides protection against theft, damage, or loss. Carefully review the policy terms, limits, and deductibles to understand the coverage and its associated costs. Keep your inventory and policy documents updated as your possessions change over time to ensure your personal items are adequately insured.

Tips for buying Personal Articles Insurance

Let’s unpack the details of personal articles insurance to better grasp how it protects those important items in our lives

Inventory Your Valuables

Before purchasing insurance, make a list of all items you'd like to insure. Document their current condition and take clear photographs.

Get Appraisals

For high-value items like jewelry or art, obtain a professional appraisal to determine their current market value. Some insurers require this, and it ensures accurate coverage.

Consider Bundling

Sometimes, you can get a discount if you bundle your personal articles insurance with other policies, like homeowners or auto, from the same provider.

How much does Personal Articles Insurance Cost?

Understanding the cost of personal articles insurance can feel like navigating a maze. The price isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s shaped by various factors, from the value of the items you’re insuring to your geographical location. Whether you’re safeguarding heirloom jewelry, a prized collection, or high-end tech gadgets, it’s crucial to grasp the elements that influence your premium. In this section, we’ll demystify the factors that determine the cost, providing clarity on how to anticipate and potentially reduce your insurance expenses.

Value of
Insured Items
Claims History
Type of Item
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Factors that Affect The Cost Of Personal Articles Insurance

The cost of personal articles insurance varies considerably based on a number of factors. While it’s difficult to provide a specific price without concrete details, here are some factors that influence the cost.

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Personal Articles Insurance Coverage Details

Let’s unpack the details of personal articles insurance to better grasp how it protects those important items in our lives

What's Covered Under a Personal Articles Floater

Specific Scheduled High-Value Items
Jewelry, fine art, musical instruments, rare collectibles, and other valuables.
Accidental Loss
Unlike standard home policies, floaters often cover accidental loss (e.g., if you accidentally drop and lose a diamond earring).
If your valuable item gets damaged, it will usually be covered. For example, if a valuable painting gets water damage.
Loss due to theft, whether at home or while traveling.
Worldwide Protection
Coverage typically extends beyond your home, offering protection wherever you go.
Mysterious Disappearance
Personal Articles policies cover scenarios where the cause of loss remains uncertain.

These are standard coverages, but it’s worth noting that the specifics can vary by provider and policy. Always review the details and consult with an insurance agent to ensure you get the coverage that fits your event’s unique needs.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Personal Items

When considering optional coverages, it’s essential to assess your risks and the value of your belongings. It might be beneficial to consult with a local insurance expert, like those at LoPriore Insurance, to get guidance on which endorsements best fit your circumstances.

Detailed Coverage
Scheduling items ensures that each piece is assessed and insured for its specific value, offering detailed protection.
Higher Limits
Standard policies might have limits on certain categories of items. Scheduling allows for higher or specific values based on the item's worth.
Broadened Protection
Scheduled items typically get "all-risk" coverage, meaning they're protected from a wider array of potential perils, including those not usually covered by standard policies.
Documented Value
Scheduling usually requires appraisals or receipts, ensuring the value is documented and agreed upon.
Zero Deductible
Scheduled items often come with a zero deductible
Claim Clarity
In the event of a loss, having scheduled items makes the claim process clearer since the value and coverage details of each item are pre-established.

In summary, while standard home or renter’s policies provide general coverage for personal property, scheduling specific high-value items through a personal articles floater provides comprehensive protection tailored to each item’s unique value and characteristics.

Who needs Personal Articles Floater?

A Personal Articles Floater is crucial for those with high-value possessions like jewelry, art, and electronics, as it offers specialized coverage that extends beyond typical homeowners or renters insurance, ensuring comprehensive protection against loss, damage, or theft for these valuable items.

Whether it's art, stamps, coins, or other collectibles, if you have a collection that holds significant value, a personal articles floater can offer specialized protection.
Jewelry Owners
Individuals with valuable jewelry, especially pieces that exceed the coverage limits of standard homeowners or renters insurance, should consider this coverage.
Professionals or hobbyists with expensive instruments can benefit from the detailed coverage a personal articles floater provides.
Those with high-end camera equipment, especially professionals, can protect their gear from various risks.
Frequent Travelers
If you often travel with valuable items (e.g., jewelry, high-end electronics, or specialty equipment), the worldwide protection offered by a floater is invaluable.
Tech Enthusiasts
If you own high-end electronics or tech gadgets that surpass typical policy limits, a floater can offer additional coverage.
Those involved in sports where they use expensive equipment, like golf or cycling, might want to consider this insurance for their gear.
Fashion Aficionados
Individuals with high-end designer clothing, handbags, shoes, or other fashion items can benefit from specialized coverage.
Antique Owners
If you possess antiques or unique pieces of furniture, a personal articles floater can ensure they're adequately covered against potential damage or loss.
Owners of Heirlooms
Family treasures, even if not valuable in the traditional sense, can hold immense sentimental value. These items can be safeguarded with a personal articles floater.

List of Items a Floater Covers

A Personal Articles Floater provides specialized protection for a wide range of valuable items, including but not limited to jewelry, fine art, collectibles, antiques, high-end electronics, and musical instruments. The list includes:

Jewelry and Engagement Rings
Fine Art (Paintings, Sculptures, etc.)
Camera Equipment
Computers and Electronic Equipment
Musical Instruments
Silverware and Goldware
Antiques and Collectibles (Stamps, coins, etc.)
Rare Books
Wine Collections
Golf Equipment

How To Get an Appraisal For Your Items

By following these steps, you can obtain professional appraisals for your items, which are crucial for insurance purposes, estate planning, or simply knowing the value of your possessions.

Research Qualified Appraisers
Begin by searching for professional appraisers in your area. Organizations like the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) have directories to help find certified members.
Specialized Appraisers
Ensure the appraiser specializes in the type of item you need appraised. For instance, jewelry appraisers may not be best suited for art appraisals and vice versa.
Check Credentials
Verify the appraiser's qualifications and certifications. It's essential to ensure they are updated with the latest industry standards and training.
Ask for References
A reputable appraiser should be able to provide references or reviews from past clients.
Jewelry Appraisal - Personal Articles Insurance
Appriaser of Jewelry - Personal Articles Insurance
Understand the Process
Discuss with the appraiser how they will conduct the appraisal. For instance, with jewelry, they should be inspecting the piece, checking for markings, measuring, weighing, and possibly testing metals and stones.
Clear Fee Structure
Understand the cost structure. Most professional appraisers charge by the hour or a flat fee rather than a percentage of the item's value.
Attend the Appraisal
If possible, be present during the appraisal. This allows you to ask questions and understand how the appraiser determines the value.
Detailed Report
Once completed, the appraiser should provide a comprehensive report detailing the item's description, methodology used for appraisal, market research, and the determined value.

A personal articles floater policy provides you with protection and peace of mind for your most valuable possessions. Don’t allow your treasures to be subject to potential damage or loss. Let the LoPriore team help you customize a policy to fit your unique needs. Get in touch today to learn more or for a quick quote.

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Unlock the essential insights and tips to safeguard your precious jewelry investments. Our latest blog post covers everything you need to know about jewelry insurance, from choosing the right policy to appraising your gems. Don’t miss out on this valuable information.

Is Jewelry Insurance Worth it?

Jewelry insurance is often worth it for those with valuable jewelry, as it provides financial protection against loss, theft, or damage that standard homeowners or renters insurance may not fully cover. The peace of mind and potential cost savings in the event of an unexpected incident make it a worthwhile consideration for jewelry owners.

Reasons To Consider Personal Articles Insurance

Jewelry insurance can be seen as worthwhile for various reasons, but its value often depends on individual circumstances:

Personal Articles Insurance - Worth IT
Specific Scheduled High-Value Items
If you have jewelry that would be financially challenging to replace, insurance can offer peace of mind.
Emotional Value
Some jewelry pieces have immense sentimental value, such as family heirlooms or engagement rings. While insurance can't replace the sentimental value, it can provide funds to restore or replace the physical item.
Coverage Beyond Standard Insurance
Homeowner's or renter's insurance often covers jewelry, but there are usually limits to this coverage. A specialized jewelry policy can bridge this gap.
Comprehensive Protection
Specialized jewelry insurance can cover scenarios that typical insurance might not, such as accidental loss.
Compared to the value of the insured item, many find the premiums for jewelry insurance reasonable.
Peace of Mind
Knowing that you're protected against theft, loss, or damage can provide significant peace of mind, especially if you frequently wear or travel with your jewelry.

What are the Essentials to Schedule a Personal Articles Floater Policy

When considering optional coverages, it’s essential to assess your risks and the value of your belongings. It might be beneficial to consult with a local insurance expert, like those at LoPriore Insurance, to get guidance on which endorsements best fit your circumstances.

Detailed Inventory
Proof of Ownership
Serial Numbers
Current Insurance
Location Information
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Personal Articles Insurance Policy FAQs

Scheduling your items provides a variety of advantages including:
• Fewer restrictions
• An agreed value and description preset for each item
• Faster claims settlement
• Protection while traveling

While your homeowner’s policy provides some coverage, we recommend you list your jewelry to ensure your items will be protected at the proper value.

Scheduled items aren’t subject to a deductible unless stated otherwise in the terms of your policy.

• Jewelry
• Fine arts
• Cameras
• Furs
• Musical instruments
• Silverware, gold, and pewter
• Golf equipment
• Firearms
• Stamp collections
• Coin collections
• Wine collections
• “Blanket” schedules of fine arts or jewelry

Yes. Adding a personal articles floater policy to your renter’s policy will allow you to schedule your valuable items when you rent your home. 

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