Workplace Accidents Happen. Are You Ready?

A worker’s compensation insurance policy is the only way to keep your employees protected from financial losses due to potential injury at work. Besides, it’s the law. If you operate a business with employees, Massachusetts law requires you to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. LoPriore Insurance offers a variety of worker’s compensation policies designed to fit your unique needs and budget.

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Worker’s compensation insurance is a policy that pays for damages incurred from injuries that occur while an employee is performing job-related functions. This policy provides coverage for medical and rehabilitation costs for workers injured on the job. It also provides reimbursement for lost wages and insurance settlements. If an employer is sued for damages related to an employee claim, coverage may also be provided.


Accidents happen to everyone and they’re impossible to predict. On-the-job injuries or illnesses can quickly get expensive, leaving you open to significant financial risks. Additionally, Massachusetts law requires all businesses with employees to provide worker’s compensation insurance.


All Massachusetts businesses with employees must have worker’s compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees or hours worked.

Coverage Details

The purpose of worker’s compensation insurance is so employees can recover from work-related injuries without the complexity of a lawsuit. One part of the coverage takes care of employee costs related to a work injury or illness. Additionally, employers may be covered in the event the injured party files a lawsuit.

Employee Coverage

  • Medical benefits
  • Disability benefits including lost wages 
  • Rehabilitation benefits to help an employee recover and return to productive work
  • Funeral costs and death benefits for surviving spouse or dependents

Employer’s Liability Coverage

Since you’re required to provide worker’s compensation benefits, an injured employee is prohibited from suing an employer if they receive these benefits. Unfortunately, not all accidents are covered by worker’s compensation. Part 2 of your worker’s compensation policy provides liability coverage for an employer when a worker files a lawsuit. Liability coverage includes payment for the following.

  • Settlements awarded to an employee for bodily injury or disease/illness related to work functions
  • Defense costs the employer incurs during the lawsuit

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Frequently Asked Questions About Worker's Compensation

While Massachusetts law doesn’t require you to have worker’s comp if you don’t have employees, you might be required to have the policy in certain situations. For example, some businesses require contractors and sole proprietors to have worker’s compensation insurance to avoid unnecessary risks.

You can be issued a stop-work order and be fined daily until coverage is in place and all fines are paid. You could also be subject to criminal charges. Failure to follow state laws regarding worker’s compensation is a serious crime.

Sole proprietors have the option to be included or excluded when the policy is issued. This option provides considerable benefits for sole proprietors who would otherwise need to use their health insurance to cover a work-related injury.

Yes, a standard worker’s compensation policy typically has the following exclusions.
• Costs related to injuries incurred because of serious and willful misconduct from an employer
• The employer knowingly hired an employee in violation of the law (like hiring someone you know is underage)
• The employer failed to comply with safety regulations
• You discharge or coerce an employee in violation of the worker’s compensation law (like threaten to fire someone for filing a claim)

There are several factors involved in determining the cost of your worker’s compensation policy. Some of these factors include:
• Job classification of your employees
• Your company’s claim history
• Your industry
• Risks related to certain jobs including heavy labor
• Amount of your payroll
• Business size

Learn More About Workers Compensation Insurance

Massachusetts law requires all businesses with employees to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. Failing to comply with these laws leaves your employees unprotected in the event of an accident and can carry serious consequences. If you’re unsure about your worker’s compensation coverage needs, get in touch with LoPriore Insurance. Our experienced agents can help you figure out the coverage you need, provide a quick quote, and answer any questions you may have about your policy. Don’t get caught without the state required insurance for your employees. Learn more about worker’s compensation coverage today.

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