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Special Events Insurance

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Don’t Get Caught Without The Proper Insurance Coverage. Help Make Your Event Successful With Special Event Insurance.

No one wants to plan for the worst when a special event is coming up, but preparation can help you avoid a disaster. Accidents happen, and special events carry excess potential risks. Protect your guests and enjoy your special event with the peace of mind provided by a custom special events insurance policy from LoPriore Insurance.
Special Event Insurance

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Special events insurance is a policy that provides coverage for non-standard specific risks that may occur at an event. Further, this specialty insurance policy provides liability for the host, sponsor, and venue of the special event.


While special events come up in every person’s life, exposure to certain risks is high at these gatherings. Damage to a public venue or medical costs related to the accidental injury of a guest can quickly become expensive. Without insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying these costs out-of-pocket. Additionally, many venues require proof of insurance to protect their assets.


Hosts for almost any event can benefit from special events insurance. Some examples include:

Animal shows –
Arts and Crafts festivals –
Auctions –
Beauty pageants –
Fashion shows –
Carnivals –
Concerts –
Exhibitions –
Fairs –
Festivals –
Graduations –
Hole-in-one coverage –
Marathons –
Picnics –
Receptions –
Religious ceremonies –
Street races –
Seminars –
Sporting events –
Christmas tree lots –


Coverage Details

Sometimes referred to as one-day event insurance, special event insurance provides coverage that can help protect you in the event someone is injured or property is damaged during your event. Also, you may be able to purchase coverage for reimbursement in case you need to unexpectedly cancel the event. Additional optional coverage may also be added to the policy to help you fill potential gaps if needed.

Event Cancellation Coverage

You don’t expect to cancel a special event, but planning often takes a long period of time. Illnesses, accidents, and unanticipated life events can get in the way of the most carefully laid plans. Event cancellation coverage is there to help you avoid a financial loss if you need to cancel an event you’ve already scheduled.

Event planning comes with fees and deposits you pay weeks or months before the occasion. Further, event cancellation coverage reimburses you for these fees up to the limit of your policy when emergencies crop up. Besides paying fees when you’re forced to cancel the entire event, cancellation coverage can also apply to fees that arise when professionals are unable to complete their services. For example, if your photographer or caterer goes out of business, you could be reimbursed for your deposit and additional expenses related to securing a replacement.


a fair/festival covered by special events insurance

Event Liability Coverage

While you hope your event will be a complete success, it pays to be prepared for potential risks. A special event is typically a celebration that puts a large number of people in one place. This can lead to potential risks that don’t usually occur in standard situations. Event liability requires coverage in most public venues.

Liability coverage typically includes:

  • Property damage: If property damage occurs to a public venue during your event, it will be covered up to the limits of your policy. However, damage to third-party property (like photography equipment or your band’s instruments) typically isn’t covered.
  • Alcohol-related incidents: Many event policies allow you to purchase additional optional coverage to include alcohol-related incidents that occur during an event where alcohol is served.
  • Lastly, bodily injury: If a guest is injured in an unexpected accident (like a slip and fall injury) or by the unintentional actions of another guest, liability coverage will pay for medical costs.

Optional Additional Coverage

  • Host liquor liability: Coverage for damages or injury caused by an intoxicated guest
  • Liquor liability: Coverage for alcohol-related incidents when the event holder charges for alcohol
  • Care, custody, and control liability (third-party property damage): coverage for property in your care during an event
  • Collapse of temporary structure coverage: Coverage for often excluded temporary seating or stages.
  • Lastly, hired and non-owned auto liability: Coverage for incidents related to rented or chartered vehicles hired by the insured

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Special Event Insurance FAQ's

It’s a good idea to purchase event insurance early in the planning process. As soon as you start making deposits on the venue, it’s time to purchase insurance. Restrictions on when you can purchase insurance may apply. Most commonly, you can purchase the policy no sooner than two years in advance and no later than two weeks before the date of your event.

The law does not require event insurance. However, many venues will require you to purchase general liability insurance. You could lose your spot if you can’t provide proof of insurance within a certain period of time. More importantly, you could end up with significant financial losses if you don’t have proper insurance coverage in place for your event.

Yes, event cancellation requires a deductible. In fact, liability claims carry a larger deductible depending on your desired coverage limits.

Emergencies happen and we understand that. Examples of covered emergencies include:
• Weather conditions that are extreme enough to prevent the honoree or the majority of the guests from attending
• Accident or illness that prevents the guest of honor or an immediate family member from attending
• Military responsibilities: If the guest of honor is forced to postpone due to the withdrawal of previously granted leave or unforeseen deployment

There will most likely be some exclusions of coverage in your special events policy. Some exclusions cover purchases with optional add-ons or endorsements. For example, the most common exclusions include:
• Assault and battery
• Fireworks displays
• Sporting participants
• Amusement rides
• Events involving large animals
• Claims involving alcohol
• Martial arts
• Temporary seating structures
• Auto racing
• Music activities that encourage crowd participation

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No matter what type of event you’re planning, having the right insurance coverage is an essential component of any celebration. Thus, for more information about special event insurance, get in touch today. Our experienced agents are standing by to answer your questions, provide a quick quote, or offer advice about commercial and personal insurance policies that fit your lifestyle.