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If you rent a home or apartment, you may be surprised to learn that your belongings are not protected under your landlord’s or property manager’s insurance policy. In other words, if something happened to the home where you live that results in damage or loss of your personal belongings, you wouldn’t be reimbursed for the loss. Renters insurance provides coverage for you and your personal belongings when you rent or lease your home.

At LoPriore Insurance Agency, our motto is insurance that fits your lifestyle. We offer rental insurance tailored to fit your individual coverage needs. As a renter, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with total protection for all of your personal belongings no matter what your situation. Thus, we offer a variety of coverages and deductibles to suit you and your budget. You can even design your own package by increasing coverage in the areas you select. Additional discounts are available to customers with an approved security system or other policies with us.


Renters insurance covers those who rent or lease a dwelling. The policy provides coverage for damaged or stolen personal possessions and may also include personal liability and additional living expenses.

If you rent an apartment or residential home, you may need renters insurance to protect your belongings from theft, loss, or damage. This policy also provides personal liability coverage for damage or injury if you’re responsible. By law, it isn’t required to have renters insurance. However, some landlords and property managers include it as a requirement in the lease agreement.

Anyone who rents an apartment or home and wishes to protect personal belongings with the proper insurance coverage would benefit from renters insurance.


Renters insurance provides coverage for your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged on the premises of your rental apartment or home. Additional coverage on your renters policy may include liability and living expenses in an event that requires you to be out of the home for a period of time. Indeed, the amount of coverage you choose should cover the cost of all of your personal belongings.

Personal Property

This coverage supplies reimbursement for the cost of repair or replacement when your property is damaged or stolen. Examples of covered possessions include electronics, furniture, and clothing. Assessing the value of all of your personal property can be a difficult and confusing task. Our agents can help you determine the value, and make sure you have adequate coverage.


This coverage provides reimbursement for unexpected events when something is damaged or someone is hurt in your rental home. While you undoubtedly make every effort to keep your home safe from danger, accidents can happen. Liability provides coverage for damaged items or medical costs of a guest if you’re responsible for the incident.

Additional Living Expense

When disaster strikes, homes can get badly damaged. If your home is damaged severely enough to prevent you from returning home, this coverage will pay for the costs incurred by hotel bills while your house is uninhabitable.

Full Replacement Option

One option you can choose when seeking renters insurance is a full replacement (or replacement cost on contents replacement). This policy provides complete coverage for all that you have lost with no depreciation. Consider the amount it would cost to replace everything you own. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to settle for less than you had.

Renters Insurance FAQ

Many renters are new to the idea of purchasing insurance to protect the belongings in their homes. Coverage details vary and can be confusing. If you have questions, you’re not alone. Here are the most common questions we hear about renters insurance.

Is Renters Insurance Expensive?

No. Renters insurance is one of the most affordable policies you can buy. Additionally, you may be able to receive discounts if you purchase multiple insurance policies from the same insurer, or have certain safety features in your home.

Is Renters Insurance Required?

Massachusetts law doesn’t require renters to purchase insurance. However, many landlords and property owners make this insurance a lease requirement. You may be expected to show proof of renters insurance when you sign a lease.

Does A Renters Policy Cover Personal Belongings Outside The Home?

Maybe. Some rental insurance policies cover your possessions if they’re damaged or stolen from your car or a storage facility. Insured items may even be covered under other circumstances, such as possessions that are stolen while you’re on vacation.

Is Renter’s Insurance Tax Deductible?

Typically, renters insurance isn’t tax-deductible. However, there are exceptions. If a part of your home is exclusively dedicated to operating a business, you may be able to deduct a portion of your premiums. Additionally, if you are an employee who works in your employer’s office and from your rental home, you may also be able to deduct a portion of your rental insurance premiums.

Will I Have To Pay A Deductible When I File A Claim?

It’s common for a deductible to be required when you file a claim for reimbursement for possessions. Deductible amounts vary, usually based on the amount of your monthly premium. The deductible’s cost is in your insurance policy form.

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Recently moved to the area. I found a great place to rent but they required renters insurance. I called several places and it just got more confusing as I went. I talked to John and he explained how renters insurance works, what I needed and got me setup pretty quick. The rates are really good and super friendly service. I am glad I gave them a call.

Michael C


LoPriore Provides Quality Renters Insurance for Tenants in Massachusetts

All too often, individuals think their possessions aren’t valuable enough to insure. However, the combination of clothing, electronics, and appliances you own add up to a significant sum. If you’re a renter living from paycheck to paycheck, trying to replace all of your possessions could be a major setback. Renters insurance can help you get back on your feet in the event of an unexpected disaster.

The independent agents at LoPriore Insurance Agency are available 24/7 to help our valued customers find the insurance they need. Indeed, if you have questions about renters insurance or are unsure about how to determine the value of your belongings, get in touch today. We can answer your questions, offer a quick quote, and help you understand your options for coverage.

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