Classic Car Insurance and Car Collections


Classic Car and Auto Collections Insurance provides specialized insurance that offers the coverage needed to protect your vehicle correctly. LoPriore Insurance recognizes that as a collector, you take great pride in protecting your investment, and we are proud to offer our customers a specialized insurance policy with low insurance rates.

As a collector car owner, purchasing Collector and Classic Car Insurance from LoPriore Insurance will give you the extended and specific insurance coverage tailored to protect your prized vehicle adequately. In most cases, your insurance cost will be less than standard car insurance. Since you will not be operating your specialty car daily, insurance coverage costs reflect a reduced rate

Any car enthusiast that is looking to protect for their prized vehicles from damages and financial loss. LoPriore Insurance Agency partners with insurance companies that understand classic cars and auto collections best.

Specialized Insurance for your Classic Cars and Automobile Collections

As a collector car owner, you appreciate the difference between a 1956 Silver Cloud and a mass-market car.  As an insurer of individuals with unique possessions and sophisticated lifestyles, LoPriore Insurance understands the importance of exceptional coverage and service.

Classic Car Insurance - LoPriore Insurance Agency


The LoPriore Insurance Agency Classic Car Insurance Program includes the following coverages:

High-value Vehicle coverage: whether it’s a historic automobile or a newer exotic car, our agency can offer high limits of coverage. Agreed Value Coverage, specially designed for collector vehicles, pays the full insured amount in the event of a total loss and reflects the insured value of the car. For partial losses, it includes diminution in value as a result of the damage.

Flexible Usage: although most collector cars are maintained primarily for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest. While insurance carriers reduced rates reflect this limited use, there is no specific mileage restriction on most policies.

Repair shop of choice: policyholders are free to use any restorer they choose or even do the work themselves with no reduction in loss settlement. However, by using insurance carriers pre-screened quality repair shops, policyholders receive a guarantee for all repair work performed.

High optional liability limits: coverage includes protection from legal actions for up to $1 million, more than most other insurance offers. For collections where there are more cars than drivers, blanket liability coverage is available to avoid multiple premium charges.

“For display only” coverage: insurance companies also offer specially priced coverage for extensive car collections that are primarily “for display” (garaged and/or exhibited) and driven only to maintain the vehicle.


How much is a Classic Car Insurance Policy?

Generally, the cost for Classic Car Insurance is about 40% less than a standard car insurance policy since insurance carriers recognize your vehicle will not be used daily.

What’s my Classic Car worth?

You can obtain an auto appraisal from a licensed appraiser to establish value of your vehicle.

What are the usage restrictions and guidelines for my Classic Car Insurance Policy?

Classic Car Insurance allows you to enjoy your car as you wish for pleasure use. However, the only limitation to this is that the vehicle is not intended to be operated as a daily use car.

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