Massachusetts Personal Articles Policy

Insuring your most treasured possessions

Whether you’re a collector of unique memorabilia or antique furniture, or you own irreplaceable family heirlooms and fine jewelry, a Personal Articles insurance policy can protect your most precious possessions from potential risks. LoPriore can provide you with a custom policy that provides coverage for your unique valuable possessions at a price that fits your budget.

Personal Articles Policy Massachusetts, LoPriore Insurance Agency
A personal articles insurance policy is a floater policy that provides comprehensive coverage for your most valuable items. It works by allowing you to schedule these items on your homeowner's policy.

High-value items often don't have the proper coverage they need with a traditional homeowner's policy. A personal articles policy provides your scheduled items with worldwide coverage and breakage coverage.

Anyone who needs additional insurance for possessions of value could benefit from a personal articles floater policy.

Personal Articles Policy FAQs

Why Should I List and Insure Items on my Home Insurance Policy?

Scheduling your items provides a variety of advantages including:

  • Fewer restrictions
  • An agreed value and description is preset for each item
  • Faster claims settlement
  • Protection while traveling
Do I Need to Insure My Jewelry Individually on My Homeowner's Policy?

While your homeowner's policy provides some coverage, we recommend you list your jewelry to ensure your items will be protected at the proper value.

What is the Deductible for Items on a Personal Article Insurance Policy?

Scheduled items aren't subject to a deductible unless stated otherwise in the terms of your policy.

What Types of Items Should be Covered Under a Personal Article iIsurance Floater Policy?
  • Jewelry
  • Fine arts
  • Cameras
  • Furs
  • Musical instruments
  • Silverware, goldware, and pewter
  • Golf equipment
  • Firearms
  • Stamp collections
  • Coin collections
  • Wine collections
  • "Blanket" schedules of fine arts or jewelry
Can I Purchase a Personal Articles Policy if I Rent My Home?

Yes. Adding a personal articles floater policy to your renter's policy will allow you to schedule your valuable items when you rent your home. 

A Personal Articles floater policy provides you with protection and peace of mind for your most valuable possessions. Don’t allow your treasures to be subject to potential damage or loss. Get in touch with our experienced team of independent agents today for more information about our policies or a quick quote to get you started.

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