Purchasing The Proper Insurance Coverage For Your Home Office and Small Business.

Many people make the mistake of thinking their homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for a small business inside the home. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In fact, without proper coverage, your home business can void portions of your homeowners policy. In-home business insurance will provide protection for third party liability risks as well as business property.

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In-home business insurance is a policy that provides property coverage and liability coverage for a business you operate out of your home.


Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover business risks unless special coverage (an endorsement) is added.


Owners of a home-based business who meet any of the following criteria can benefit from an in-home business insurance policy.

  • Homeowners that see Clients at their home
  • Anyone who has business property (like computers, equipment, or inventory) worth more than $10,000
  • Individuals that provide professional services for a fee (like bookkeeping or financial advice) and regulary see client from their home
  • Business owners that have employees work out of your home

Protecting Your In-Home Business Insurance Policy

A crucial element to the success of any business is the ability to minimize risks. Your in-home business faces a unique set of risks because personal and business risks are so closely mingled together. There are several types of insurance policies available for in-home business. Purchasing the proper home based business insurance policy ensures coverage for business activities and business related visitors that come to your home.


  • Homeowners policy endorsement: Some small businesses are can choose the option of adding an endorsement to their existing homeowners policy to provide business property coverage and business liability. 
  • Business owners package policy (BOP): A traditional business owners insurance policy can provide liability coverage and business property coverage for your in-home business.
  • In-home business owners policy: This option combines homeowners and business insurance into a single policy. Extended liability and property coverage are available. Additional protection like replacement of lost income, increased expenses due to a temporary location change, and reimbursement for important papers may be included.
  • Business vehicle coverage: If you use your personal vehicle for business tasks, you may need commercial coverage. Discuss your unique situation with your independent insurance agent to determine your specific needs.
  • Optional coverages: To avoid gaps in your insurance, you can also purchase optional policies to complete your business insurance plan. These options may include workers compensation, professional liability (errors and omissions), product liability, and business interruption.

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In-Home Business Insurance FAQ's

If your business is your full-time occupation, you may need to seek certain types of coverage to protect your future. The most common concerns include health and life insurance and a retirement plan. 

If you have employers, workers compensation insurance is a necessity. Massachusetts law requires all businesses with employees to purchase workers compensation insurance no matter how many employees you have or hours they work.

Even if you don’t wish to purchase insurance for your home business, you should discuss your situation with your insurer. Most home insurance policies aren’t designed to provide protection for risks related to your products or customers. In some cases, not disclosing your home business to your insurer could even invalidate your homeowners insurance policy.

The income you receive or the hours you work in your small business have little relation to the potential risks you face. If you sell products or see clients in your home, you’ll likely want to have the proper liability coverage in place to avoid financial losses associated with an unanticipated accident. Additionally, if you hire any employees, you’re required to provide workers compensation coverage.

Several elements are included when determining the cost of any business insurance policy. Factors that may change the cost of your in-home business insurance policy include:

  • Specific risks associated with your industry
  • The value of the business property you wish to cover
  • Number of employees
  • The amount of liability coverage you choose and how many endorsements are required

Learn More About In-Home Business Insurance

Your home business is an important part of your life and protecting it with the right insurance policy will help you avoid financial risks. To learn more about your options for home business coverage, get in touch today. Our agents are standing by to answer your questions, provide a quick quote, or help you find the policy that best suits your needs.

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