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As a classic car owner or auto collector, you understand the difference between a mass-market vehicle and a rare collector’s automobile that’s been carefully restored or preserved. The LoPriore Insurance team understands how valuable these prized possessions are to you. That’s why we offer classic car insurance in Massachusetts. We understand the importance of exceptional coverage and service for your classic car!


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Classic car and auto collections insurance provides specialized coverage for your collector car that isn’t your daily driver.


Collector and classic car insurance will provide you with the specific coverage you need for your unique vehicle. It’s often less expensive than a traditional auto policy because the car isn’t used daily.


Any car enthusiast who wants to protect their prized vehicles from damage or loss can benefit from a classic car insurance policy.


Perhaps one of the most valuable things about classic and collector cars is their individuality. Your collector car stands out from the rest of the automobiles on the road, and it’s definitely no daily driver. LoPriore Insurance provides insurance that meets your lifestyle. We have a variety of classic car options to best fit your unique needs.

  • High-value vehicle coverage: High limits of coverage are available for your collector car. Agreed Value Coverage pays the full amount insured in a total loss and coverage includes diminution in value in a partial loss claim.
  • Flexible usage: Although most collector cars are used for exhibition purposes and the lower premium reflects the expectation of lower mileage, there are typically no mileage restrictions.
  • Your choice of repair location: Policyholders are free to use the mechanic or restorer they choose to ever perform repairs. However, using prescreened shops provides you with a guarantee.
  • High optional liability limits: Coverage includes protection from legal actions up to $1 million.
  • For display only coverage: Specially priced coverage for extensive car collections primarily used for display is available.

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Classic Car Insurance Coverage FAQs

It’s typically about 40% less than a standard auto insurance policy.

Obtain a professional appraisal to get the true value of a classic car.

There are no mileage limits set on the amount you drive your classic car. However, it cannot be used as your daily driver with only a classic car policy.

Classic car and collectors coverage is designed to protect vehicles belonging to collectors not used for a daily driver. Therefore, you can get coverage for your collector vehicle even if it’s brand new.

Yes. However, your insurance company will likely need a list of modifications.

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Classic car insurance is a great way to acquire affordable insurance on your prized collector car. To learn more about your coverage options, or other available policies, get in touch today. We’re happy to answer your questions or provide a quick quote.

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