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John LoPriore

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John LoPriore - President of LoPriore Insurance Agency

John LoPriore
LoPriore Insurance
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John LoPriore: President and Founder of LoPriore Insurance Agency

As president and founder of LoPriore Insurance Agency, John’s goal from the start was to provide local residents and business owners with high-quality insurance. Instead of selling insurance to clients, John created an agency that helps valued customers find the exact coverage they need. Thus, they protect their families, automobiles, homes, and possessions. John LoPriore brings 25 years of experience helping customers understand insurance policies to find the coverage that fits their lifestyle.

John spends most days in the office, communicating with clients, and setting the vision and strategy for the agency. The company motto “Insurance that fits your lifestyle” is really an accurate description of what the agency is all about. With a clear understanding that his customers’ lifestyles aren’t only defined by the unique products they need, John designed the company’s vision with an overall commitment to outstanding customer service. The varied lifestyles of Massachusetts professionals, parents, business owners, and residents all have one thing in common–They’re busy. John works to constantly update a variety of convenient solutions that streamline every insurance transaction. No matter what method of communication you prefer, LoPriore has a solution to take the hassle out of insurance tasks.

Independent Insurance Agency

John LoPriore: President and Founder of LoPriore Insurance Agency

As an expert in the industry, John LoPriore knows that an independent insurance agency provides his customers with the biggest variety of options for complete coverage. Plus, they include competitive prices. Instead of limiting customers to one restrictive choice, LoPriore agents work with a variety of insurance companies to provide options for tailored coverage with more than one option available. This practice helps eliminate coverage gaps and provides customized coverage that all individuals really need.

Presiding over an independent agency gives John the freedom to create a different atmosphere for the agency than others. He sees insurance as a vital form of protection to guard individuals against potential risks. Therefore, the agents at LoPriore act as trusted advisors, using professional knowledge to advise customers. Thus, they can make educated choices about the policies they really need and avoid paying for coverage that doesn’t apply to their unique lifestyle.

The company was built around the vision of exemplary customer experience on every point of the insurance journey. With this idea consistently at the forefront of every interaction between employees and customers, keeping the company’s core values in place is simply a matter of providing evolving choices for each and every customer. Instead of using increasing technology to keep customers at a distance, John implements technology that allow for convenient customer contact.


Throughout his career, John LoPriore refused to limit his company to the idea of one ideal customer. He prefers to cater to the needs of every resident in the Greater Boston area who needs insurance coverage. John’s ideal customer ranges from students seeking their first policy to retirees, and everyone in between. Instead of suggesting that customers should tailor their needs to the company, the agents at LoPriore take the time to get to know each customer. Then, they tailor unique services to meet their insurance needs. This personalized service has always provided John and his employees with the opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers that evolve over time.

Even as John marked the company’s 25th anniversary, he’s managed to retain the same values he’s always offered his customers. In a complicated industry that provides essential protection against the loss of homes and businesses, he provides clarity and understanding. It’s John’s belief that his customers should have complete knowledge of their coverage. Indeed, they have the peace of mind that comes with the protection insurance provides. He supplies this by sharing his knowledge and continuing to evolve the company in ways that provide his customers with outstanding customer service and high quality insurance products.

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John’s dedication to the agency is undeniable. However, he does spend some time away from work. When not working, John enjoys relaxing with friends and family. As a die-hard Boston sports fan, much of John’s downtime revolves around watching games while enjoying a great cigar. Contact us to learn more.

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