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Specialty insurance policies are usually non-standard forms of coverage geared to a specific exposure or event. They provide liability protection for the host of the event, for the sponsor, or the venue, as required, and at reasonable costs. The brief time and money needed to procure these policies provide peace of mind so that uncovered losses will not mar the event.

Any person or your business if they are planning a special event. A careful event planner of these events will eliminate the potential liabilities for bodily injury to others or damage to property of others by purchasing a specialty insurance policy.

If you plan on hosting any of the following types of events, you should consider specialty insurance.

Animal shows, Arts and crafts festivals, Auctions, Beauty pageants/fashion shows, Carnivals, Concerts (see referrals & exclusions), Consumer shows, Conventions, Dances, Exhibitions, Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers, Graduations, Haunted houses, Hole in one coverage, Luncheons, Marathons, Meetings, Parties, Picnics, Prize indemnification liability for contests, Pumpkin patches, Receptions, Religious ceremonies, Road races (bicycles, running), Street fairs, Seminars, Sporting events (see exclusions), X-mas tree lots, Walk-a-thons, Weddings

No one plans to fail, but they fail to plan! Don’t get caught without the proper coverage.

From weddings to hot dog eating contests, boat cruises, and survivor contests, special events are a part of everyone’s life. One reason they are unique in that they create unusual exposures that fall outside of standard insurance contracts, and thus require special forms of coverage.

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What is event insurance for?

Special Event insurance offers liability protection to host for any damages and liability arising for the planned event.

When Should You Get Wedding Event Insurance?

Wedding insurance coverage offers many coverages, including liability of your event. It best to purchase coverage as soon as you begin planning your wedding.

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