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A car insurance policy provides coverage for unexpected incidents that occur while operating a motor vehicle. Car accidents cause damage to vehicles, injuries to individuals involved, and damage to property. Personal auto insurance provides restitution for these damages and injuries.

Why Do I Need It?

Auto insurance is required for all Massachusetts drivers. If you own and operate a vehicle in Massachusetts, you’re required to purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance. If you have a car loan (are making payments) your bank will require you to carry additional collision and comprehensive policies to ensure they’ll recoup the loss if the vehicle is damaged before it’s paid for. Auto insurance provides the coverage you need in the event of damage to your vehicle or liability that arises while operating your vehicle.

Any person who operates a licensed vehicle in Massachusetts must purchase the required minimum of auto insurance as directed by the Division of Insurance guidelines. Drivers with a car loan must also have additional insurance policies. Anyone who wants the peace of mind obtained with the protection against damage and liability provided by car insurance can benefit from an auto insurance policy.

Competitive Rates for Your Massachusetts Auto Insurance

LoPriore Insurance is an independent agency that provides a variety of automobile coverage options for your car. We proudly represent multiple insurance companies, eliminating the need to shop around. Our experienced independent agents find you the most competitive insurance rates on automobile insurance policies with broad coverage, accident forgiveness, and special discounts based on your unique situation. Additional optional coverage is available to cover any gaps.


There are three types of automobile insurance coverage. While you’re required to purchase car insurance in Massachusetts, you may not be required to have all three types of insurance. The types of auto insurance available include:

  • Liability: This policy is designed to provide coverage for financial damages to other parties when you are at fault during an accident. Liability provides coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. Minimum liability limits are required in Massachusetts.
  • Comprehensive: This policy is designed to provide coverage for non-collision related damage to your vehicle (like hitting a large animal or when road matter cracks your windshield). This policy is optional.
  • Collision: This policy is designed to provide coverage for damage to your vehicle when you’re involved in an accident which is at least partially your fault. Collision is usually optional coverage, but you will likely be required to purchase it when you have an active car loan.

Required Auto Insurance Coverage

In Massachusetts, you’re required to have liability insurance before registering your vehicle or driving on public roads. These minimum requirements are designed to provide coverage in most common accidents.

Bodily Injury to Others

Bodily injury protects you against legal liability when you cause an accident that results in accidental injury or death to others. Minimum required coverage provides $20,000 per person per accident and $40,000 per accident. You may be liable for more than the required limits. Optional policies with higher bodily image limits are also available.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection provides pays up to $8,000 for medical expenses, replacement services, and 75% of lost wages if you’re unable to work. PIP covers you, anyone you let drive your car, those living in your home, passengers, and pedestrians, regardless of who causes the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

This bodily injury coverage provides protection for you, anyone you let drive your car, household members, and passengers against injuries caused by an underinsured or unidentified (hit and run) driver. A 20,000 minimum per person and 40,000 per accident is required. However, this does not provide coverage for damage to your vehicle.

Property Damage

This coverage pays for damages to another person’s property when an accident was caused by you or another authorized driver. A minimum of $5,000 is required. However, it’s common for property damage during an accident to exceed these limits. There are optional policies with higher limits available.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

Optional coverage provides additional protection beyond the compulsory requirements. You may wish to extend your auto insurance limits for additional protection or to meet the requirements of your car loan. These are some optional policies we provide.

Optional Bodily Injury Coverage

You may wish to purchase bodily injury coverage that extends beyond the mandatory limits. This optional coverage provides coverage beyond the state of Massachusetts and also covers bodily injuries suffered by guests in your vehicle.

Medical Payments

Optional medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses for you, another authorized driver, household members, and passengers. This coverage pays for expenses that exceed required PIP coverage. It isn’t relevant whether you or the other party caused the accident.


After your deductible is met, collision coverage pays for damages. Collision insurance does not cover personal property in the car. You can purchase a Waiver of Deductible at an additional cost that will eliminate your deductible when an identifiable driver is at fault for the accident.

Limited Collision

Limited collision pays for collision damages to your vehicle if you are no more than 50% responsible for the accident and the at-fault driver is identifiable.


Comprehensive coverage pays for vehicle damages not caused by collision after your deductible is met. For example, theft, vandalism, and striking a large animal. Comprehensive insurance is usually subject to a deductible.

Car Insurance Massachusetts, LoPriore Insurance Agency

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What affects the cost of my auto insurance premium?

The amount that you pay for car insurance will depend on your individual risk factors, such as your driving record, the city or town in Massachusetts or New Hampshire in which you live, and other rating factors approved by the insurance commissioner. While every car insurance policy is different, maintaining a clean driving record will decrease your rates.

Who can drive my car and be covered by my auto insurance?

All listed operators on your policy are covered opreators on your auto insurance policy. Any operator that regularly drives your vehicle and not listed on auto policy is considered an excluded operator for coverage. An exception to this rule is, in some cases, unlisted operators could have some coverage due to it being incidental and not used regularly.

How can I lower my auto insurance costs?

There are many cost savings way to lower your auto insurance costs which include various discounts available from insurance carriers see list below

  • Good Driver Discount
  • Anti-theft Discount
  • Multi-Car discount
  • Student away from home
  • Low mileage
  • Pay in full discount
  • Account bundling you auto and home insurance policies
  • And much more!
Does my auto insurance policy cover me for ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft?

No, a standard auto insurance policy does not automatically include this coverage. However some auto insurance carriers offer options that can be added to cover you for this.

Reliable Car Insurance Policies from LoPriore Insurance Agency

While there are many decisions that go into determining the policies that suit you best, getting the auto insurance you need doesn’t have to be complicated. At LoPriore, our motto is insurance that fits your lifestyle. Our independent agents are standing by, prepared to learn about your unique needs and help you choose the policies that best fit your unique situation. Get in touch today to learn more about our auto insurance policies, get a quick quote, or have your questions answered by one of our experienced agents.

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