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Property Insurance

More than Just a Place to Live

Your condominium association has provided a master deed explaining what items it insures and which items are your responsibilities.  The Condominium Unit Owners Policy offers protection for your home, and works in conjunction with the master policy.  It also covers any improvements you make to your unit, as well as your most valuable possessions and your personal liability.
Renters insurance provides you coverage for your own possessions, which are not included under your landlord’s policy, and which can be damaged or stolen.  This inexpensive coverage also allows for additional living expense and personal liability.
We offer our clients comprehensive condominium and renters policies. You can choose from a variety of coverages and deductibles that suit your needs and budget.  You can even design your own package by increasing coverage in areas that you select.  Discounts are available if you have an approved security system or other policies with us.

We’re Here to Make Sense of it for You

One very special option you can choose allows for replacement of all that you have lost – with no depreciation!  With Replacement Cost on Contents protection, you won’t have to settle for less than what you had.  Look at all the things you own and think about how much these items mean to you and how much it would cost to replace them.  Imagine what a difference it would make to have a Renters or Condominium Owners Policy with the Replacement Cost on Contents endorsement if the worst should happen.

What’s Covered?

  • Personal Property – Your possession covered for fire, theft, smoke, vandalism, etc.
  • Dwelling – On a condo unit owners policy, coverage for interior additions and improvements – also can be used to cover association deductible.
  • Loss Assessment – On a condo unit owners policy, protects you in the event you are assessed your share by the association for a covered loss.
  • Other Coverages are available by endorsement.  Identity theft, scheduled property, earthquake, etc. can be added to your policy for a minimal charge.


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