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Inland Marine Property Floater Insurance

When Your Assets Are on the Move, Make Sure that Your Policy Follows

When your business operations include your personal property being on the move, rest assured that LoPriore Insurance can tailor an inland marine policy to protect your property anywhere it goes.

What is it

Inland marine insurance provides coverage for property in transit as well as property of others left in your care, custody or control, employees’ property on premises, contractors’ equipment and other unusual classes of property that are not generally found at a fixed location.

why do i need it

This coverage can be essential to protecting business property that is in transit. Think about the items you place in your car or truck on a daily basis to get your work done or the valuables, including data, you own or are responsible for. Most property policies limit or exclude coverage for these items. If you are in the construction trade or are building an addition to your office, Inland Marine Insurance can protect the building materials, contractor’s tools and equipment.


  • Bailee's customer: Protects your clients' property when left in your care
  • Builders Risk - Protects structures and materials during new construction projects or renovations
  • Commercial computer: Provides protection for servers and computers, including laptops
  • Contractor's equipment: Safeguards machinery and tools at job sites, your storage yard, and points in between
  • Exhibition and fine arts: Keep items on display protected while on exhibition, in transit, and on loan
  • Installation floater: Can cover the materials of your trade from the moment they are loaded onto the truck until they are accepted, put to use, or installed
  • Motor truck cargo: Keeps your clients' goods protected while you deliver them
  • Transit: Provides protection for your goods while they are in transit to another location

Inland marine insurance can be purchase as standalone policy and/or can be added to your commercial package policy.


What is bailees coverage?

A bailee is someone who has possession of someone else’s property for the purpose of storage, repair, or servicing. Inland marine coverage helps to cover the property that has been entrusted to them by its owner. Example of some businesses that may purchase inland marine insurance are dry cleaners, repair shops, warehouses, storage facilities, and delivery services.

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