Builders Risk

Before You Build Your Next Project, Make Sure That Your Blueprint Includes the Right Insurance Coverage

No matter what size your construction or renovation project, a blueprint for success should include the right builder’s risk insurance program. LoPriore Insurance builders risk insurance offers flexible policy options and affordable pricing tailored for your project.

Builders Risk Insurance - LoPriore Insurance Agency


Builders Risk Insurance was designed to cover property owners or builders during new construction or renovation projects for any damages or losses that may occur during the time of construction.


When a structure is under construction, a standard property insurance policy does not offer any coverage. If you are financing your project, your lender will require you to carry a builders risk policy to protect their financial interest.


Any of the following listed below looking to cover their insurable interests in the course of a new construction or renovation project:

Homeowners, Property owners, Builders, Developers, All types of contractors, House flippers,


  • Designed to cover property owners or builders during construction or renovation projects
  • Coverage can be for either the building’s value at the time of loss or its full amount at the time of completion
  • Insurance protection for building materials from theft
  • Insurance protection for building materials while in transit
  • Reporting Form and Single Structure Policies
  • Covers building materials after installed
  • Coverage from windstorm available
  • Coverage for earthquake available
  • Insurance protection for losses due to laws
  • Insurance protection for damages due to ordinances
  • 6-month, 9-month and 12-month policies available


Does a builders risk policy include general liability coverage?

General Liability coverage can be purchased with Builders Risk Insurance policy to provide the property owner with premises liability coverage. In addition to this coverage, policyholders can purchase an additional layer of coverage for products completed and for operations.

Does a Builder Risk Insurance policy cover building materials stored at a worksite that are not yet installed?

Building materials stored at a worksite intended to be installed will be covered by the Builders Risk Insurance policy.

Does a Builders Risk Insurance policy cover my subcontractors for general liability coverage?

No, the subcontractors are required to provide proof of insurance to the property owner to comply with mandatory guidelines within the Builders Risk Insurance policy.

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