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7 Tips for Saving Money on Landlord Insurance

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Becoming a landlord can be a profitable way to make use of an uninhabited property. Still, there are many responsibilities and expenses involved. As a landlord, you are responsible for the upkeep and safety of the building and surrounding landscape. Your property is also subject to unique situations that lead to significant financial losses. The […]

What To Look for in a Condo Master Insurance Policy

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Understanding the details of a condo master insurance policy is important for both building and unit owners. Since many areas within a condominium complex are shared, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to insure common places. Condo master policies vary in coverage, but each level of coverage includes protection for the roof and exterior of the […]

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up

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Auto Insurance Annual Check-Up for Complete Coverage Your driving requirements change from one year to the next and your insurance coverage needs to keep up. You know it’s important to make regular appointments to have your car serviced so it will stay in great shape. Most people don’t think twice about having a yearly physical […]

Home Insurance Annual Check-Up: Ensure You Still Have the Best Coverage

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Massachusetts Home Insurance Annual Check-Up Insurance coverage should never be considered a “set it and forget it” purchase. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies designed to fit the unique lifestyles of the customers who need them. Your home, your family, your possessions, and your lifestyle are always changing. To ensure you have sufficient coverage, […]

Insurance Checklist for New Home Buyers in Massachusetts

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Buying your first home is an exciting experience. It can also be intimidating and a little scary. Finding ways to save money during the process is a major priority. Purchasing an insurance policy that will protect your new investment while still saving money, is a big step in the right direction. This insurance checklist can […]

Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance?

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Is Buying Rental Car Insurance Worth the Cost and Hassle? You’re a responsible traveler. You booked your room weeks in advance, your schedule is set in stone, and you’ve chosen a reliable rental car. Still, you’re stuck wasting precious time at the rental counter worrying about the unexpected cost of rental car insurance. After all, […]

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Business Insurance

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Running a business can seem like a minefield full of potential missteps and mistakes. It’s easy to overspend in some areas and neglect important obligations. If you own or run a business, purchasing the right kind of insurance is a necessity. However, there are many policies available and it can be difficult to know exactly […]