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Home Insurance Annual Check-Up: Ensure You Still Have the Best Coverage

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Massachusetts Home Insurance Annual Check-Up Insurance coverage should never be considered a “set it and forget it” purchase. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies designed to fit the unique lifestyles of the customers who need them. Your home, your family, your possessions, and your lifestyle are always changing. To ensure you have sufficient coverage, […]

Insurance Checklist for New Home Buyers in Massachusetts

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Buying your first home is an exciting experience. It can also be intimidating and a little scary. Finding ways to save money during the process is a major priority. Purchasing an insurance policy that will protect your new investment while still saving money, is a big step in the right direction. This insurance checklist can […]

Step by Step Guide to Home Remodeling and Home Insurance Protection

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Homeowner’s insurance protects your home from covered risks. However, it’s important to realize that your insurance terms could change during the process of renovation. Even when your home is properly insured and your contractors have the appropriate coverage, your insurance could have gaps during the renovation. What Is a Major Renovation? Not every renovation requires […]

Top 10 Tips for New Home Buyers for Acquiring Homeowners Insurance

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Buying a home is an exciting time in your life, but the process can be overwhelming. As you work your way through the many steps involved in purchasing a new home, it’s important to remember you’ll need a quality homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowner’s insurance is a policy that protects you in the event of loss or damage […]

When and Why Should You Shop for New Insurance Rates?

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How and Why You Should Conduct an Annual Review of Your Personal Insurance Policy All too often, consumers purchase insurance policies and never review them to reflect the changes of a growing family, new purchases, or changing rates. While you might still have the legally required amount of insurance, failing to review your policy can […]

What Is a Homeowners’ Insurance Binder?

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During the process of buying a new home, you’ve likely been introduced to a variety of new confusing terms and documents. When it’s time to apply for a mortgage loan, you’ll likely need to have a homeowners’ insurance binder. If you’ve never heard of this document, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know […]

The Complete Guide to Picking the Right Homeowners’ Insurance

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Anyone who owns a home can attest to the fact that homeowners’ insurance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It protects your home and all possessions therein against incidents such as theft and damage, thus safeguarding your investment. Similarly, mortgage institutions require prospective homeowners to have an insurance cover that corresponds with the value of […]