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Lease Buyout Guide to Buying out Your Car Lease



Lease Buyout - Car Lease

What are the available options for owning a car in the US? You can buy a car with cash, take a loan, or get a car through a lease.

Leasing is the best option for people who love owning new cars every few years. You get to use a vehicle for around three years or less.

Leasing a car can, however, be expensive. A typical lease payment can account for $400 to $1000 per month. This is over the budget of an average middle-class American family.

A car lease buyout allows you to avoid paying the high fees associated with a broken lease. A $20,000 lease on a new car can cost you thousands in taxes, penalties, and interest payments. But did you know you could save thousands by buying out your lease before it ends?

Keep reading to learn more reasons to buy out your lease.

Top Reasons to Buyout Your Lease

Leasing a car is convenient and low-risk. However, it comes with the burden of a long-term commitment, like insurance payments.

With leasing, you pay to use the car instead of paying to own the vehicle. You can use your lease deal to get a great car.

Here are great reasons to buy out your car lease:

Mileage Over or Under
The average auto lease duration is three years or 36,000 miles. By the end of the three years, you could have underutilized or overused the limit.

Under usage means the company owes you. Also, if you overuse, you will pay more, which can be costly. Buying out the car is an ideal solution for both situations.

Residual Value vs. Car Value Car Is Worth More Than Buyout Amount

If the value of your car is greater than the buyout price, consider buying out your lease. This will save you thousands and allow you to keep driving a better car. This is called a short sale.

Your monthly payments are based on a car’s residual value. It’s possible to get a better buyout price than that residual value. If you are 6-12 months from the end of your lease, you can get a great deal.

Before the buyout, evaluate the car’s value. Estimate the value of your vehicle using the Kelly Blue Book or National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guides. These books give you the average trade-in price and retail value of your particular vehicle.

Next, determine how much residual value is left on your lease. The residual value is a percentage of the original value of your vehicle. This will be returned to you at the end of your lease.

The residual value is based on the projected future value of your car. Your leasing company determines it. The residual value can be found in the lease agreement.

Excessive Wear and Tear

The car lease buyout allows you to enjoy leasing benefits without the high monthly payments and excessive wear and tear. With lease buyout programs, you pay for the vehicle’s depreciation over time. This can reduce the money you pay at the end of your lease.

Cars lose their value the moment they drive off the lot. The depreciation doesn’t stop there. After one year, they will drop an additional 15% to 20%.

With a buyout, you buy the car’s remaining value from the dealer. You can then sell the car yourself and pocket the difference.

Friends Looking to Buy a Car

If you have a close friend interested in your car, you can buy out the lease. This can make you some money and enable you to offload the lease burden.

Leased cars are cheaper because they depreciate faster than standard cars. You can buy it at a lower rate and sell it. This trade-in doesn’t require you to pay any taxes on the profit you make.

You can only sell a leased car to a dealer or someone willing to go through the “lease pass-through” process. A friend would be an ideal candidate. You cannot sell your leased vehicle directly to another person.

If you do, you will be required to pay the remaining amount of the lease. However, you can sell it to a dealer who can immediately sell it to your friend. This saves you from paying sales tax.

You Love the Car

Today, buying a car has much more to do with how they make you feel. People also consider how the car fits into their personality.

Buying out a lease is a good idea if you love your car and want to keep it forever. However, loving the car is not enough. Here are five questions that will help you decide whether to go ahead with the buy:

How much money do you have?
How much money are you willing to pay?
What is your credit score?
Are you willing to keep your car for a long time?
Are you willing to make a big commitment?
You might think that people buy for logical reasons. They need a new car, so they go out and buy one. They need a new house, so they purchase one.

The truth is, people are driven by emotion, not logic. If you love the car and can afford it, it’s enough reason to buy out the lease. Remember also to consider car insurance during a buyout.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Car and Selling It

The purchase and sale of a car can be a highly profitable transaction. Before committing to buying and selling a car, you should know what you’re getting into. Here are some advantages and drawbacks of buying and selling a car.


You get to buy a car at normal market value
You make money from selling the car
You can use the car while you’re waiting to sell it (if it’s paid off)


If you use the car, it will depreciate over time.
If you don’t have time to work on cars, it might drain you into losses
The process of buying and selling cars is overwhelming
If you are new to buying and selling cars, you may wonder where you sell the leased car. You can either use a private party sale or sell to online dealers.

Private Party Sale

A private party car sale is simply a car sale between two private parties. No one is acting as a broker. They can be especially helpful for used car dealers.

Sell to Online Dealers

The internet has been a great help to selling and buying cars. It makes the process much easier. Online used car dealers are more convenient. They provide effective platforms that attract potential buyers.

Trading in a Lease Pros and Cons

Trading in a lease transfers an asset from the seller to the buyer. This is in exchange for a stream of payments over time.

You can use the trade-in transaction to acquire a car. The process has the following benefits and drawbacks:


It saves you hundreds of dollars
It allows you to own a car
It saves you from tying up cash in your operating budget


It can harm your credit score
If you are not careful, it can be more costly
To enjoy the benefits of trading in a lease, use a professional to make accurate evaluations. This will save you from future liabilities.

Top Five Frequently Asked Question About Car Lease Buyouts

Frequently, people who plan to buy out a lease ask the following questions. They are essential considerations for any buyout.

1. What Is a Car Lease Buyout?
A car lease buyout involves buying a used car from a leasing company. You can either return the vehicle to the leasing company or buy it when your lease is up.

A car lease buyout is a way to get out of a car lease early.

2. Should You Buy Your Leased Car?
Yes, if the transaction adds value. A lease buyout is cheaper than returning the vehicle. The car will have accumulated less mileage and wear and tear.

3. What Are the Risks of Buying Out a Car Lease?
Buying out a lease is a risky proposition. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you could end up overpaying by thousands of dollars. You need to be informed, or it could cost you in the long run.

4. Can a Car Lease Buyout Affect Your Credit Score?
A car lease buyout will affect your credit score positively or negatively. If you handle it correctly, it will improve your credit score.

5. What Determines the Buyout Price?
The total cost of buying the car depends on how much you owe on your lease, and the car’s market value at the time of purchase counts. The dealer will calculate your payoff amount and sales tax based on the car’s value at that time.

Get the Best Car Lease Buyout Deals

A car lease buyout will help you end your lease early. This allows you to own and resell the car later. Use a professional consultant to help with the process.

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