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Halloween Safety Guide for Trick or Treating

Halloween Safety Guide
Table of Contents

It’s Halloween time!

Halloween is meant to be a fun day for kids and adults. It’s a time when everyone gets to dress up as their favorite character, a clown or a cute animal.

There is a lot to do on Halloween. Schools allow kids to pass out candy, employers allow employees to wear costumes, and bars have spooky drink specials. Halloween’s best part is going door-to-door trick or treating regardless of age.

It’s also a time when people love to pull pranks. Although most pranks are harmless, some can cause damage to your home or a neighbor’s property. Always think twice about your activities and consider the safety of others.

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Over the years, Halloween tricksters have made the day not so fun. That’s why you should carefully plan out your celebrations. As a rule, it’s best to go light on the tricks and all out on the treats.

Young or not so young, you need to stay safe. Here are some tips to help you and your family stay healthy and avoid issues as you prepare for Halloween.

An Adult Should Accompany Minors When Trick or Treating

Halloween should be looked at as a family affair. Think twice about allowing your children to go trick-or-treating alone or with a teen sibling. Make sure a responsible adult is present, just in case an issue arises.

Adults can pre-plan the route their children will take. By doing so, you reduce the risk of your kids getting lost. This practice is crucial when you live in a large subdivision that has named streets.

Choose the Right Costumes

Many people use Halloween as a time to show their creativity. When t comes to kids, you want to remain practical. Consider the weather and the need for bathroom breaks.

Choose the right fabrics and make sure costumes are flame-resistant.

When trick-or-treating early, cars may enter or exit driveways without warning. Costumes often come with a mask or hood. Ensure your child’s ability to see, hear, breathe, and ability to speak doesn’t get impeded.

Visit the Homes of People You Know

As an adult, you are responsible for ensuring the kids stay safe. In a child’s mind, the goal is to knock on as many doors as possible. The more candy kids receive, the happier they become.

Only go to the homes of people you know. Avoid houses with no porch light on or light reflecting from windows.

If someone you don’t know is outside handing out candy, be polite and take the goodies. Consider having a separate bag for handouts from strangers.

Walk With a Group

This tip is geared towards teens to ensure they stay safe. If your teen has gotten to the age where it’s no longer cool to go trick or treating with the family, insist they go with a group of friends.

Use glow sticks as a safety aid when crossing or walking down poorly lit streets. Remind your teens to charge their cell phones before leaving the house. Check to make sure their GPS location tracking is activated.

These cell phone tips apply to everyone. They are helpful if parents get separated from kids or teens from their friends. A cell phone is a lifesaver in case of an emergency, like a reaction to food allergies or, worse, an attempted abduction.

Trick or Treat in Well-lit Neighborhoods

Not everyone participates in Halloween activities, so it’s not rare to turn down a dark street. As a rule, stay on well-lit streets and not walk down alleys.

Be careful crossing busy streets to get to areas where it’s safer. Always walk on the side of the road facing traffic if there aren’t sidewalks. Carry glowsticks if costumes are dark or you’re out after the sun sets.

Let Someone Know the Route You’re Taking

Never leave the house without letting someone know where you’re heading. Pre-plan your route so you can tell them what route you’re taking and which neighborhoods and businesses you’re visiting.

Alternative Halloween Events

There are plenty of alternative Halloween events happening in communities around the country. Non-profits are known to partner with local governments and schools to host family-friendly events.

The events are a great way to stay safe and keep kids out of the streets. Not only do they provide trick-or-treaters with candy bags, but they often offer face painting, carnival-styled games, music, and food in a safe environment.

Community Trunk or Treat

Trunk-or-Treat events are a modern tradition that can take place in the parking lots of churches, city parks, and local businesses. People register to participate in the festivities, which include tricking out their cars and offering candy from the trunk of their vehicles.

Neighborhood Halloween Hunt

Neighborhood Halloween hunts are similar to Easter Egg hunts. The difference is you hide candy instead. The activity is a great way for neighbors to come together and provide a safe evening for the kids.

Report Suspicious Activity

Last, to help kids stay safe on Halloween, keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious activity. Whether you have kids or not, pay attention to your surroundings and look out for children that may be out trick or treating alone.

If you see something suspicious, call your local police department. They are already on high alert to ensure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

Trick or Treat: Did You Get Something Good to Eat?

As a rule, you should always inspect your children’s candy and treats while out trick or treating. Check for expiration dates, broken seals, and items that appear to have been opened and resealed. Only eat baked goods that came from people you know.

Halloween is also a good time to check your homeowners’ policy. Perform an annual home insurance check-up to ensure you’re covered for the unexpected.

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