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Category: Finances

John LoPriore

The True Cost of Owning a Dog

Are you getting ready to bring home a new furry family member? Getting a dog is exciting, but dog ownership is a huge responsibility. Are you

John LoPriore

Are Solar Panels Worth It? A Complete Guide

In the United States, solar energy is expanding steadily. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, there are now enough solar panels to power 18

John LoPriore

A Guide to Paying Off Debt

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, you’re not alone. Americans carry an average debt balance of $92,727. These debts come from a variety of

John LoPriore

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Energy costs have been on the rise for several years now. In fact, most people just assume that from gasoline to oil to electricity, the

John LoPriore

Should I File a Home Insurance Claim or Not?

In 2017, only 6% of insured homeowners filed a home insurance claim. You may be wondering, “Why are we all paying these monthly premiums if no one’s cashing

John LoPriore

How to Guide For Student Loans

In 2019, 19.6 million students were enrolled in a college program. That feeling of getting a college acceptance letter or email from your dream school is unbeatable.

John LoPriore

What Is a Will and Why Do I Need One?

Are you one of the 62% of Americans who hasn’t created a will for themselves and their heirs? When asked, many people simply don’t think a will

John LoPriore

Complete Guide to Buying Life Insurance

In 2019, only 51% of Americans had life insurance coverage.  Even more surprising is that only 30% of Americans have the life insurance coverage they need. As

John LoPriore

Step by Step Guide to Personal Loans 101

Are you one of the 56% of American consumers who admit they’re living paycheck to paycheck? How much are you able to save from your pay each

John LoPriore

Should I Refinance My Mortgage in 2021?

2020 was a big year for the housing market. As Coronavirus swept the globe and forced families to alter their lifestyles completely, priorities began to

John LoPriore

Business Interruption Insurance

When disaster strikes, you could find yourself and your business drowning in a heap of bills. That’s why no one should open a business without

John LoPriore

How to Navigate a 1031 Exchange

The real estate market is hot right now. There are many reasons to consider getting into real estate as an investor. There are also big incentives

John LoPriore

Red Flags That Could Trigger a Tax Audit

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) carries a strict reputation as the nation’s accumulator of taxpayer dollars and the chief enforcer of the United States’ tax