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The application deadline for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) 2019 Low Plate Lottery is August 23. This year, 231 plate tags are available for the low number plate lottery.

There are several types of low plates including numbers only and combinations of letters and numbers.

The types of low plates available include:

  • Numbers only – three or four digits (e.g. 167 or 1235)
  • One number and one letter (e.g. 7G)
  • Two numbers and one letter (e.g. 13B)
  • One letter and one number (e.g. B1)
  • One letter and two numbers (e.g. A98)

Those interested can apply online. Click here to go to the online application. Customers may also complete and mail in a written form. Click here to access the form online.    Note that written applications must be sent to the address listed on the form.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible. For example, a company cannot apply for a low plate number and applicants must be a Mass resident with a Mass registration. Click here for a complete list of eligibility requirements.

There is no fee to enter the lottery, but there will be a registration fee for winners to register their new plate. Check the lottery page for the RMV website for the date, time, and location of the drawing as well as the winners.

Remember, the application deadline is August 23, 2019!

Good luck from LoPriore Insurance Agency!