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Many homeowners have had trees and branches come down from the Nor’easters that have hit Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and much of the Mid-Atlantic coast this past winter. After a major storm or high winds, a tree may crash and cause damage to a house or other object. Trees that have fallen down due to a bad storm often land on your roof, fence, septic, pool, etc., and require extra precaution to remove safely to prevent further property damage.

The question is: will your home insurance help to pay for damage to your home and also cover professional removal of the fallen trees.  Fortunately, most homeowners policies today cover damage to your home from falling trees. This is true whether the tree falls due to a storm or of it own volition – you can often find the details for this type of coverage in the “Additional Coverages” section of your policy.

Here are two questions to consider:

  1. Did the tree fall from your neighbor’s yard?  If so, it will normally be covered.
  2. Did the tree fall from your yard?  If so we need to ask one more question:  was the fall a result of negligence?  In other words, was the tree rotted or otherwise compromised and no maintenance was done.  In this case, your coverage may be limited or you may not have any coverage at all.
    Tip:  Always keep up with necessary home and yard maintenance.

In summary, most homeowners policies will include some level of coverage for fallen trees and their resulting damage, however, conditions and deductibles may apply.  It is always best to know the details of your policy in advance.  Contact the professionals at LoPriore Insurance for a review of your policy so that you can be prepared for any weather!